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3 mind-blowing ways to use ChatGPT to grow your creative business

Tuesday, February 20th at 12:00pm EST

One of the biggest obstacles to growing a creative business is TIME. My clients tell me that lack of time is the #1 reason they don’t work ON their business as much as they want or need to. Can you relate?

You probably already know that if you’re going to grow your business, you need support.  But finding, hiring, and managing folks can feel like a far-off prospect and daunting task.

What if I told you that a strategic thought-partner, research assistant, idea-generator, marketing professional, and editor were at your disposal. How much easier would it be to work on, and grow your business? A LOT easier, right?

ChatGPT has the potential to support you in all these ways and more, but most folks are not utilizing it nearly as much as they could.

Let’s change that.

In this intereactive workshop, I will cover:

  • The successful setup: context, clarity, and desired outcome
  • Asking better questions to get better answers aka prompt engineering
  • The power of collaboration and how to engage the tool as a partner

If you’re ready to benefit from the time-saving, idea-generating, business-boosting potential of ChatGPT, join me and your creative peers and grab your spot today!

(My workshops are interactive, so you’ll get the most out of it if you attend live. But if you can’t for any reason, register anyway and you’ll receive the replay!)

Presented by Justine Clay, Creative Business Coach

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"Justine has been rocket fuel for my business. Within 4 months of working with her one-on one I was able to on-board a new client (using processes she helped me develop), charging 3x my regular rate, knowing I can deliver results. I have more high quality clients now than I can keep up with. Thank you Justine, such a pleasure!”

—Melissa Lind, founder of Dwelling Creative