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How to find clients who are ready to hire you NOW

Wednesday, July 8th at 12pm EST

Wow, 2020’s been rough. So, to support you during this challenging time, and keep you moving forward, I’m hosting this free online workshop. My intention will be to share a framework that will help you identify and communicate your unique value and build a creative business that enables you to deliver that value, regardless of the economic landscape. I’d love for you to join me!

We will be covering:

  • Your Value Proposition: If you’re still identifying yourself as a label (graphic designer etc.) instead of communicating the value you deliver, you’re missing a huge opportunity to stand out and connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level. I will be sharing some deep questions that will help you uncover and communicate your unique value.
  • Who you help: You’ve heard the saying “when you’re for everybody, you’re for nobody” right? It takes courage to say, “this is who I’m for, and this is who I’m not”. But I’m convinced it’s the key to your fulfillment, integrity, and success. I’ll be sharing concrete ways you can identify who you are uniquely equipped to support and why.
  • How you deliver value: One of the biggest mistakes I see creatives make, is not identifying exactly how people can engage with them, what the process will look like, and what the return on investment will be. If you feel (a) sensitivity about charging a good rate (b) you’re in a race to the bottom (c) you need to overdeliver and undercharge to get/keep clients, this step will change your business game!

Save your spot and I’ll see you there!

(My workshops are interactive, so you’ll get the most out of it if you attend live. But if you can’t for any reason, register anyway and you’ll receive the replay!)

Presented by Justine Clay, Creative Business Expert

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"Joining Justine's group program was an invaluable experience! Her insights and suggestions were always very inspiring on our group calls. All of the worksheets she crafted were incredibly succinct and results driven. Justine goes beyond typical brand positioning advice. She encourages a beneath the surface approach that simplifies and helps align your spirit and passion with your brand and work. Justine helped me get very clear on who my dream client is and how to most authentically and effectively market myself to them. I have redesigned my website and am incredibly excited about putting myself and my brand out into the world! Thank you Justine!"

—Margaret Gallagher, Creative Director + Designer, Studio Gately