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Uncharted Territory: How to navigate your creative business during tough times

Wednesday, April 1st at 12pm EST

To support you during this challenging time, I’m hosting this free online workshop to help you navigate this rough terrain. My intention will be to facilitate a healthy discussion that fosters compassion, ideas, and a positive outlook. I’d love for you to join me!

We will be covering:

  • Taking care of your clients: Including how to reach out, being of service, pricing in a crisis, and whether you should be marketing.
  • Taking care of your business: We’ll be talking about your numbers, handling staff and contractors, and making a plan to get through this.
  • Taking care of yourself: Because you’re the generator of all the goodness. When you’re good, everything else can be too.

Save your spot and I’ll see you there!

(It’s best to attend live because it’ll be interactive, but if you absolutely can’t, when you register you’ll receive the replay.)

Presented by Justine Clay, Creative Business Expert

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"Joining Justine in the Creative Business Bootcamp was an invaluable experience! Her insights and suggestions were always very inspiring on our group calls. All of the assignments she crafted were incredibly succinct and results driven. Justine goes beyond typical brand positioning advice. She encourages a beneath the surface approach that simplifies and helps align your spirit and passion with your brand and work. Justine helped me get very clear on who my dream client is and how to most authentically and effectively market myself to them. I have redesigned my website and am incredibly excited about putting myself and my brand out into the world! Thank you Justine!"

—Margaret Gallagher, Creative Director + Designer, Studio Gately