For Your Creative Business

Are you an established creative business owner in need of a jump start? Maybe your once thriving business has atrophied in a rapidly changing marketplace.  Or perhaps the word of mouth referrals you’ve always relied on are not as strong as they once were.  You’re trying to turn things around; you’ve attended networking events, signed up for more webinars than you can shake a stick at, thought about additional education and learning new programs and so the list goes on.

But it all just seems so overwhelming and drawn out. It’s enough to make any creative feel they’ve lost their mojo.

We’ve all been there! But one thing I know for sure, the best way to get your mojo back and reclaim your rightful position as a successful creative business owner is to take charge.  When you make the all-important decision to positively shift your mindset, take different actions, and do the work, things start going your way again.

Magic? Maybe a little. But mostly it’s you, showing up, willing and ready to be vulnerable, open and ready to define what your next chapter looks like. That, and a qualified, fully invested thought-partner by your side.

Which is where I come in!  With almost 20 years of experience working with high-level creative professionals, I’ve honed my skills as a listener, sharp thought partner, and connector of dots.

If you’re the kind of creative who wants to take a deep dive and make some big stuff happen in the seeming blink of an eye, this one-day intensive coaching session could be the perfect fit for you.

Are you ready to make monumental shifts in your outlook and business?

How it works:

One week prior to your big day:

  • I will set up a shared google folder where you’ll find questions to get you thinking, plus a visioning and goal setting exercise to get your ideas and dreams flowing before our pre-intensive call.
  • A few days later, we’ll have 45-minute pre-intensive call via Zoom where we will identify your goals and plan your intensive around your unique needs and desires.
On the day:

We’ll meet via Zoom and the day will unfold in the following way:

  • 90-minute Session in the morning
  • An exercise for you to do on your own
  • 30-minute call to check in and review
  • One-hour break to reflect, take a walk and replenish
  • Two-hour planning session in the afternoon (think: packaging your services, crafting your website outline, crafting your key messaging, or mapping out your marketing plan)
You will also receive:
  • A care package in advance of our day together (because a little goodie bag is always in order!)
  • A shared google folder where all your materials and notes will be organized perfectly!
  • Recordings of each call
  • Written re-cap notes by me, capturing the key points and action steps
  • A 45-minute follow up call one week after the day to re-calibrate and offer additional support where needed.

Ready to get started? Book your free 30-minute introductory call with me and share your business challenges, ask questions, and we’ll talk about next steps.

Let’s chat!