The unexpected magic of investing in yourself

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I was recently having lunch with an old client and friend and she remarked “Well, you’ve always been so good at investing in yourself.” to which I thought “Um, no I haven’t!”  What I was good at was spending money without any real thought to whether it was an investment I’d get a return on.

It wasn’t until I opened my second business in 2010, coaching creative entrepreneurs, that I started challenging my assumptions around money and what investing wisely i.e. with the expectation of getting a return on that investment.

I realized I over-valued the trappings that made it look like a “real” business from the outside e.g. renting office space and attending big-ticket conferences and industry events, and under-valuing what it actually takes have a good business e.g. constant learning, investing in my business infrastructure, building community, and creating a great customer experience, etc.

Now I’m hooked, and each year I look for opportunities to invest in my growth. It feeds my soul and my business and that’s a win-win for everyone!

Making a decision to invest in yourself, year after year, means you’re always on the look-out for opportunities to learn and grow, traits that all thriving entrepreneurs possess. When it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll invest, but rather where you’ll invest, you open yourself up to all kinds of opportunities, expected and otherwise!  Here are five reasons why investing in yourself might be the best decision you make next year.

1) You figure out what will move the needle NOW

When you create a budget for your professional and personal development with the intention of spending it wisely, you force yourself to look at what will get you from where you are to where you want to be.  It might be a therapist, a personal trainer, a coach, a new website. Invest where it will make the most impact right now.

2) You show up, BIG-time

When you have skin in the game you show up in a completely different way.  I can’t tell you how many low-priced online courses I’ve signed up for and not completed, business books I’ve started and not finished, or free webinars I’ve shown up for and done nothing with afterwards. I can also tell you exactly how committed I’ve been to the scary big-ticket investments, 150%!!

As a result of that commitment, I do things I just wouldn’t do otherwise.

3) You feel supported

Accountability, expert guidance, and support are the difference between doing the uncomfortable work, stretching yourself and making monumental changes and hiding out in the safe places where one calls you out.  And it just feels better not doing this alone!

4) You fill your knowledge gaps

The inspiration for investing in oneself is usually because we realize we don’t know what we don’t know (and we need to know if we’re going to grow…hey, that rhymes!).  There’s nothing the imposter syndrome loves more than us feeling out of our depth.  So, figure out what you don’t know, find a person who does know and can teach you, and hire them!

5) You build your confidence

Investing in yourself does wonders for your sense of self-worth and confidence. You may feel completely petrified when you make the big investments (I know I always do), but just the act of doing so boosts your sense of value to no end.  And confidence in yourself is contagious too! Now, let’s be clear, we’re not talking false swagger and talking a bigger game than you can deliver on, but rather a quiet confidence that comes from knowing you know your sh*t and are ready, willing, and able to use your powers for good.

Have I inspired you yet? I hope so because when you invest in yourself, others invest in you! So, if you’re ready to invest in yourself to make 2020 your best business year yet, let’s chat! Click here to get the ball rolling.

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