The Holidays: a time for looking back, looking ahead and living in the NOW

I love the holidays, but I’ve noticed that over the last few years, my reasons have changed.  While I love a good old knees-up as much as the next girl, it’s become less about whooping it up and more about connecting with my family and friends and, yes, myself.

As freelancers and entrepreneurs, we’re busy, busy, busy.  Between marketing our businesses, creating new services and products, learning new skills and building our networks, there’s not a lot of time left over for reflection, dreaming and planning.  This time of year is perfect for such activities, so I’d like to share a few things I’m planning on this holiday. Care to join me?

Take the week off between Christmas and New Year’s

If you don’t work for someone else, there’s no reason to go back to work on the 26th.  Take advantage of the fact that most people aren’t working and live it up!

Do things you don’t normally do

It may be as elaborate as going on a sunny vacation or as simple as checking out a new hiking trail with the family or sitting, guilt-free, on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea.


Make sure a good chunk of that time is YOU time

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people (ahem, family) expect from you this time of year. If that’s a challenge you face, try establishing a new expectation with your nearest and dearest this year. Explain that you are delighted to be spending quality time with them this year, but you will also be dedicating time to re-calibrating and re-charging your own batteries. Put like that, who could say no?  If you still get resistance, take the time anyway. At that point, it’s every man for him/herself!


Write a list of everything that you achieved in the last year

As entrepreneurs we’re always moving forward, checking things off our list. So when we have a success, we tend to blow right by it with nary a pat on the back.  Take a pen and list everything you achieved last year. You’ll be surprised at how long it is. Now pour yourself a glass of bubbly and give a big old toast to yourself.

Write a list of everything you want to achieve next year

If you don’t think big, how will you ever achieve big things?  Write a list of everything that you want to achieve.  Include wishes for your health, lifestyle, business, and financial state.  Don’t hold back and aim for at least 100 items. Intention and inspired action will take care of the rest.

Practice gratitude

Counting your blessings, big and small, is the fastest way I know to bring more of what you want into your life.

I wish you a very happy holiday and a healthy, prosperous new year.  See you on the flip flop!


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