happy clients

Here are some of the transformations my clients have experienced as a result of our working together. I hope you feel as inspired by them as I do!

"Before working with Justine my business was doing OK, but I felt confused, reactive and in a rut. I’d listened to endless podcasts about business strategy but somehow, they were making me more confused. I wasn’t sure which services to focus on, who my ideal clients were, or how to market myself. The big stuff!

Thanks to Justine’s shrewd analysis and decades of experience in the creative industries, I’m now much clearer about how to increase income, get better clients, and do more interesting work.

Working with her was fun and interesting. She has the ability to keep things simple, keep you moving forward, but also to (tactfully) challenge unhelpful assumptions when needed. She has given me a clear framework for improving my income and work satisfaction. Investing in Justine is a smart business move."

—Nick Huber - Content consultant, media consultant, journalist

"Working with Justine has truly been transformative. Prior to our sessions, I was struggling with a lack of clarity and understanding in my purpose, values, and mission. Justine helped me gain clarity in these areas and equipped me with essential tools, marketing, and budgeting practices.

We developed and executed effective strategies to enhance my organization and goal-reaching skills. The insights into mindset and its influence on decision-making and overall success have been incredibly enlightening.

I am now more organized, adept at tackling challenges, and confident in my decision-making. I've learned to tailor my approach to suit my unique strengths rather than conforming to the status quo. Working with Justine has been a game-changer."

—Giovonni Arceneaux, founder of Cre8 Solutions

"Working with Justine was transformative. I recently started my business after 20 years of working for other people. I attended one of Justine’s seminars and was inspired to organize myself. I had one client and was flying by the seat of my pants. After a few more clients rolled in I knew I needed help and wanted to make sure I was creating intentional methods while making sure that I remained true to the reasons I started this business in the first place. She provided clarity, helped me realize where to focus my business services, and what most creatives often forget to think about – a clear financial goal. From the beginning of our individual sessions, I realized that this business is the tool to help me create the life I always dreamed about, and Justine has helped me take a big step forward. She listened carefully, helped extract my ideas and gave me the tools to communicate them with certainty. I know she will be an ear for any future needs."

—Nicole Andreu Founder & Creative Director of Studio Andreu

“Before working with Justine, I saw every next step to grow my business as a mountain that felt impossible to climb, and I didn’t have the appropriate tools to help me reach the peak. I came into the coaching process with the goal of building the foundation for a profitable and sustainable creative business and during my time working with Justine (1) rebranded my business (2) hired a team (3) purchased capital equipment to improve my design and production processes and (4) launched a website design and development project. That’s a TON, especially since it happened in tandem with starting a new corporate day job! Most importantly, Justine helped me shift my mindset which will last forever.

The next time that mountain starts to feel impossible, I will pull out my tools and ask myself, “What would this look like if this were easy? Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you spent with me!”

—Brandi Bishop – Designer/woodworker of home and vanagon accessories

"Working with Justine brought a sense of clarity, focus, and intentionality to my business. When I had taken over leadership of my company we were on autopilot, doing the same things day in and day out. We had been at a plateau for quite some time, and I knew we needed to grow, but with a number of different options I wasn't sure the best course of action...or if any of those options were even the right ones.

With Justine's guidance and accountability, I was able to turn a reactionary approach into something more proactive and strategic. Having a variety of different types of clients always left me struggling to find the right marketing strategy to speak to existing and potential clients in a succinct way that would resonate with them. Justine helped me cut through both the clutter and the generic marketing messages to find my unique voice and one that speaks directly to my ideal clients' values and aspirations.

Our time together has truly been a transformative experience."

—Steven Tolle, Owner & CEO of CityVox

"I finally found the clarity and encouragement that I needed! After six years of working for myself full-time, I was deep into burnout and desperately needed outside support. My business was growing but I never had the time to stop and evaluate how I was doing things or where I wanted to go long-term. Justine helped me get off the ledge and collaboratively guided me to run my business in a way that works for my skill set, clients, and lifestyle. This personalized support helped me see where I could regain my time and sanity.

Now I'm earning more than in previous years, working fewer nights and weekends, and have a long-term vision for my business. Getting off the hamster wheel and seeing things with a fresh perspective has been a game changer. Justine has helped me see the big picture and expand what I thought was possible in my business. I'm excited about being a business owner again and what the future holds!"

—Meg McConnell, founder of Due West Design

"Working with Justine was eye-opening and game-changing. After building my writing business up from scratch over the past four years, I was in a holding pattern, bombarded with problems that I thought were unique to me and that would take years to solve. Thanks to my work with Justine, I was able to shift my mindset, climb out of my rabbit hole, and avoid burrowing down into countless other mental tunnels. That shift, along with her well-structured, actionable brainstorming/development plans, got me through my major issues and challenges way more easily than I expected.

Justine is a treasure trove of ideas and resources, which, when combined with her positive attitude, wealth of experience, and relentless pragmatism, make her an invaluable partner. Our work together enabled me to finally put together a website (after many previous attempts), develop and market compelling packages, and have my best financial year yet."

—Marisa Escolar, Writer and Content coach for top-of-craft entrepreneurs

"Justine and I began working together at a pivotal time in my life and career. I was burnt out and creatively sapped as a corporate copywriter, dreaming of the days I could work for myself and be my own boss. I wasn't sure how to harness the power behind this energy, but I knew I was in good hands when I hired Justine. Together, we explored different options for my entrepreneurial path, always keeping our eye out for the opportunities that excited me. Justine showed me that I didn't need to simply settle for more of the same, that I could and should dig deep to build my business around my biggest, most authentic dreams.

After seven months of one-on-one coaching, I had so much more than just a foundation for my writing and communications business - I had worked through my limiting beliefs, transformed my relationships with my support network, and created a niche that perfectly utilizes my skills and experience while allowing me to be creative and generative. I cannot recommend working with Justine enough. It will truly change your life."

—Sarah Spurlock, writer and communications consultant

"Before working with Justine, I was trying to figure out my next steps as a seasoned freelancer with 10 years under my belt. I asked myself, how do I move up in my career? Do I have to become an agency? And, of course, how do I make more money? I wondered about this for months, and then suddenly years passed. I couldn’t figure it out and I needed help.

I would not have been able to make the next big leap without Justine. She opened my eyes to options for growth that I never thought were options. Most importantly, she helped me realize there were aspects of my mindset and fundamental beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward. One of the most important discoveries was that my beliefs about money were subconsciously holding me back from growing my business. Before then, I thought, “I’m good at what I do, I’m organized, I’m nice, and I work hard – what else is there?” Oh, there’s much more!

My mindset has also finally shifted from operating as a freelancer to operating as a business. I feel like I’ve finally “leveled up” and moved on to the next phase of my career as both an instructional designer and business owner. I’ve completely changed my pricing structure and I even work with clients in a different, more valuable way.

Lastly, I found Justine to be very relatable, and I felt like she understood my feelings, views, and opinions. She’s an amazing listener and was able to untangle my ramblings into clear thoughts we could explore. Thank you, Justine!"

—Rachel Ingram, Founder of Kaiser Kreativ eLearning Design

“My work with Justine Clay was transformative on multiple levels. She provided the framework for me to do some deep work around my professional goals and values, resulting in new insights for me even after many years in the same field. Her approach is both practical and philosophical— and the ROI paid for itself before we finished our sessions! I now feel empowered to stretch into new areas while also creating firm boundaries around my current work, so it serves me instead of the other way around. In short, if you’re curious, don’t hesitate to reach out to Justine and book and intro call. I am certain you will be glad you did!”

—Aileen Boyle, Principal at Audere Media

“I connected with Justine at a time when I was looking to graduate from being an unfulfilled creative contractor plagued with self-doubt and financial confusion. I had so many questions about how to run a business, and it felt as though I had no one to ask. More so, I was too embarrassed to admit what I didn’t know. I also have ADHD which made executing all the necessary functions of a business a daily struggle.

Justine took great care in learning about what my goals were – not only in business but what my definition of success in life was. She gave me tools to help me stay organized and strategies for delegating tasks to others. She has helped me see the path to financial clarity and stability. After each call with her, I feel refreshed and excited to take on the next challenge.

Since working with Justine, I have instituted new systems of organization and record-keeping. She has connected me with several tremendous partners in finance, creative, and account management that are helping me to meet my goals. Most importantly, she’s given me a sense of confidence as a business owner that I didn’t think I could have. Justine is a gem and an absolute pleasure to speak with, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

—Felix Stim-Fogel, Creative Director/Founder of Thrillion

"Before working with Justine, I was flying by the seat of my pants, making decisions without certainty, and growing without purpose. Justine helped me untangle all of my wild ideas, create a clear path to my goals, and and step up as the CEO of my business.

Within six months of working together we have repackaged my services to be better align with my passions, revenue has increased by 80%, and my business now has a solid foundation and clear direction. It feels great!"

—Jaquilyn Edwards, Founder of Ochre & Beige

I sought Justine's help because I wanted to transform what had been a chaotic patchwork of freelance gigs into a more structured and scalable business venture. Working with her helped me to gain the clarity I needed—not just to envision the business I wanted to build, but also to put in place the fundamental systems and processes on which to build it. Having successfully walked that walk herself to create her coaching business, Justine was able to apply her brilliant process to help me clarify my unique value, identify my ideal clients, and develop my own process for delivering my value to them.

Throughout the seven months we worked together, she was a vital source of wisdom, perspective, encouragement, and even real-time guidance in pitching and winning new clients that ultimately put me on track to reach a career-high in annual earnings. If you're a freelance creative striving to reinvent yourself as a creative entrepreneur, Justine is the coach you want in your corner.

—Joel Topcik, writer and founder of Epigraph Communications

"Before working with Justine, I was all over the place - I had huge dreams but didn't have a way to organize them and felt overwhelmed by my own vision.

Justine helped me clarify and organize my thoughts and, through actionable assignments, actually move my business forward. The sense of overwhelm started to diminish, my productivity, and feelings of empowerment increased, and I could finally see a clear path to making my vision a reality.

Justine encouraged me every step of the way and working with her has been essential in my growth as a human being and a creative business owner."

—Joy Fennell, Founder of Future in Black

"I started working with Justine when I was just launching my freelance copywriting and design business. At the time, I was overbooked, super stressed out, and massively undervaluing my work and talent. Yikes.

I’m real skeptical of the whole coaching industry, but Justine is the real freakin’ deal. I can honestly say that working with Justine was one of the best decisions I made for my business! She empowered me to become all that I could be, dream bigger, and truly reach for the stars – as cheesy as it may sound. She helped me shift my mindset from “Lydia’s little freelance thing” into a fully formed creative studio.

I am so much more confident and surer of myself after working with Justine. She helped me focus on the things that needed focusing on. I was able to bounce ideas off her without judgment. And Justine was full of ideas for not only generating income but how to restructure my business for longevity and less stress. Justine really helped me own my talent, experience, and expertise, and showed me where the opportunities were in my biz.

One year after working with Justine, I have two contract employees, a physical office space in a cool part of town, 20+ amazing clients – both corporate and emerging brands, and I hit my income goals for the year at the end of Q2. (WHAT!) The trajectory of my business is pointing straight up to the sky, and I am super proud of what I’ve been able to build in just two-and-a-half years. I really couldn’t recommend Justine more."

—Lydia VanHoven-Cook, Founder of Lydia Writes Good

If you're wanting a professional, empathic who knows her stuff business coach, do not wait any longer and hire Justine. Seriously, 15/10 I would recommend her. Before working with Justine, I saw myself as a lowly freelancer with a scarcity money mindset and was super unclear about the unique skills I can bring to my clients. While working with Justine, she helped me transform my mindset into one of empowerment, helped me clearly articulate the services I bring to the table, and helped build a foundation for my business that is both strong, growing, and nimble. I've seen drastic improvements to my bottom line while working less, signed a contract with a dream client and I have a newfound confidence that being a creative entrepreneur is valid and profitable.

—Sarah Flood Baumann, Book and editorial designer

"I sought out Justine’s help because I was in a moment of transition and was massively overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to prioritize my goals, was making decisions without certainty and confidence and was constantly comparing my business to others.

Working with Justine has opened my eyes to what’s possible and has given me newfound confidence and clarity in what I bring to the table. She has helped me better understand myself and how to build a business that both serves and empowers me. Justine has helped me clarify the value I provide, identify who I want to work with, and build service packages that make sense for me. During my time with her, I’ve put fundamental systems in place to build a sustainable, profitable business. She supports me, celebrates my wins, challenges me, and has even helped me navigate sticky client situations in real time!

Justine is incredibly professional, super knowledgeable, and so easy to talk to. I genuinely enjoy my calls with her and look forward to them every other week. I’ve experienced an incredible mindset shift through my work with her, and could not recommend her enough!"

—Sarah Rabinovich-Pratt, Creative Director & Founder of More Ours

"Before working with Justine, I was lost and knew I needed help to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I was chasing my own tail trying to figure out all the different aspects of my business and how they fit together. It was a dizzying task.

From day one, Justine brought focus and clarity to my business. She helped me figure out who my ideal client is, how best to serve them, and most importantly how to turn a profit. But Justine brings more than practical business advice and strategies. Her optimism, enthusiasm, and kindness make working together an absolute joy. Our meetings quickly became the highlight of my week.

The most significant result that came from working with Justine was being able to progress further and faster with a clear direction. This has led to high levels of productivity and I am certain that as soon as I complete the remaining objectives Justine and I set out, an increase in clients, income, and profits."

—Michael Sloane, Brand Designer

"THANK YOU Justine for all the guidance and support you have provided over the past years, and the last one in particular. Memo has made great strides and we have emerged better poised than ever before. MOST EVERY ASPECT of this transformation can be traced back to you and your constant, gentle nudging. I simply could not have done it without you.

I doubt you’ve heard the last from this small studio in Brooklyn‚ but for now, know that you have the biggest fan in all the world over here."

—Douglas Riccardi, Founder of Memo Productions

"Before Justine, I was stuck. I had three clients under my belt and another in process. However, my business messaging wasn't gelling. I had spent 20+ years in marketing. However, my "why" for the business felt wooden and I couldn't seem to move forward.

Justine provided a safe space for discussing ideas - good, bad, and outlandish. She provided a framework for articulating my services and navigating website messaging. By the time I'd finished her “Grow Your Creative Business" package, I had the copy and confidence I needed.

Creating something new is hard. A good thought partner - or in this case, co-inventor - will help you move quickly. Don't over analyze the decision to hire Justine. Just do it."

—Hope Flammer - Digital marketing expert helping women 50+ grow independent consulting businesses

"Justine Clay facilitated an offsite for my team that provided exactly the guidance, leadership, and energy we needed to develop our core values, mission, and the behaviors that go along with them. Justine is such an energetic, engaging leader! She helped navigate us through a journey we could have never got through on our own. Her blueprint for the day was a perfect tool to outline the tasks we set out to accomplish. Her thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion got my group talking and thinking deeply. We were fully engrossed and engaged. Not only is Justine an amazing Business Coach for the long-term needs that I have, she’s also a wonderful facilitator for a one-off session like we had. I would highly recommend bringing Justine in to work with your team if you want to walk away with real, tangible results that will have a deep impact. She doesn’t just show up. She makes it happen."

—Jill Tapia, CEO Of Cornerstone Strategic Branding

It's been a pleasure working with Justine over the past few months as I developed the foundation for my creative business while working full-time and managing family obligations (during the pandemic!). Over the past few years, my business evolved from a hobby to something that was going to bring beauty to the world. People wanted more and I was overwhelmed by the opportunity to bring it to the next level.

Justine brought deep experience, energy, and endless inspiration to our conversations that helped bring clarity and focus to my vision. The most significant takeaways I gained include - knowing I have the ability to expand my creative offerings by leveraging my existing skills (including 15+ years of experience at Google), clearly differentiating my offering, and getting the validation to be able to do more with my talent. My conversations with Justine were always fun, productive, and actionable. I highly recommend any creative entrepreneur or freelancer thinking of working with Justine!

—Natalie Woo, artist

“Like every established business, we are always on the lookout for new ways to learn, improve and grow. We signed up for Justine’s Creative Business Accelerator program after attending a very enlightening workshop with her. After 17 years in business we wanted to assess and develop the processes that make our business tick and figured it might be time for a new perspective. Justine and the Creative Business Accelerator program certainly delivered. Each week we covered a new topic, working with Justine and an amazing group of creative business owners she had assembled from around the globe. These interactive sessions were insightful and informative, not to mention enjoyable and energizing. We gained far more than anticipated, and we’ve already seen a positive impact on our business. We highly recommend Justine and the Creative Business Accelerator program to any creative business owner looking to re-tool and grow their business.”

—Ann Williams and Dean Schwartz, co-founders of Schwilliamz Creative Consultants

"Working with Justine has been a game changer! Prior to working together, my business was cruising along in maintenance mode relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients, which was keeping me busy, but not helping me grow.

Working with Justine was an absolute pleasure. Her positivity, support, ideas, and encouragement helped me see the path forward and take consistent action towards my goals. I have never had so much clarity around what makes me unique, who I am best suited to serve, and how to package my services to provide the highest value to my clients.

Since working with Justine, I have more than doubled my rates and already booked my first client with my new packaged services! I would highly recommend Justine to creative business owners who are ready to make a huge leap towards growing their business and getting paid for the value they deliver!”

—Danielle Chambers, founder of Maven Creative

“In less than one month, Justine has transformed my business. Prior to our work together, I was undercharging, overcapacity, and stuck in a business model and scarcity mindset that prevented me from growing. Within three sessions, Justine helped me align my pricing with the value I provide, create more time and space in my schedule to do my best work, and gain clarity on the business I want to grow over the next 5 years. She also supported me as I priced, negotiated, and secured my largest contract yet. My ROI in working with Justine is already 3x the investment I made in her services. I can't stop singing her praises to friends and colleagues, and I can't wait to see what we create together in the next 5 months of coaching!”

— Emily Hammel-Shaver, Lumos Communications, Brand Strategy | Copywriting | Web Design

“Having Justine on my team as a business coach has had great influence on my approach to client relations. Her guidance during contract renegotiations was crucial in me doubling my retainer fee with my most important client. She was flexible within her own framework and accessible, helping me shift my mindset from agency creative to nascent agency founder. I highly recommend her.”

—Gabriel Rios, founder of Collectivo Camerada

“I am so grateful I made the smart decision to invest in myself and my business and work with Justine. I was completely overwhelmed and flying by the seat of my pants just trying to make it work. Justine helped bring direction and process to my business, providing me with a clearer understanding of what I can offer and what sets me apart.

Her process is extremely effective and action-oriented and was invaluable when the COVID-19 quarantine began. As an Event Producer relying on large gatherings and conferences, Justine's process and guidance helped me pivot and continue to work through this pandemic. She provided me with purpose, a clear vision on my long-term goals, and most importantly the confidence I needed to grow as a business-owner. I highly recommend Justine to anyone starting, expanding or pivoting their creative business!”

—Kim Lovett, Founder of Indigo Events

"What a difference 90 minutes makes - if that time is spent in a session with Justine! As a creative entrepreneur in search of my new “pivot business,” I was doing all of the right things. I was journaling. I was meditating. I was reading inspiring books by amazing, creative business owners, but I couldn’t extract precisely what would be my next business.

In a 90 minute session with Justine, she was able to mine my unique talents, along with my skills and point me in the direction of my next venture in a way that felt both natural and exciting. Justine honed in on what I felt passionate about and made it easier for me to make a logical and smart decision. Justine turned it all around for me and helped me get started and reinvigorated!”

—Kristin Barrett Brown, founder of Rowhouse Growhouse

"Prior to working with Justine, I had so many ideas and list of things I knew I had to do for my business, but I didn't know where to start or HOW to do them. I constantly felt overwhelmed to the point of becoming paralyzed.

It was a big deal for me to invest in coaching, but after my first call with Justine, I thought “Oh, that’s why people hire coaches!!!”  Justine is a delight to work with; she put me at ease, brought positive energy to each session, and shared incredible ideas for my business that I would have NEVER thought of myself. I left each call inspired, excited and feeling like I could take on the world!

Thanks to Justine, I accomplished in 6 months what would've taken me years to figure out on my own and now have a clear path to reaching my goals.  I have systems in place for every part of my business, including on-boarding new clients, and exact steps for taking them through my creative process. I no longer find myself scrambling when I get a new client request and am FINALLY comfortable and confident with my pricing.  I went from not knowing my numbers to knowing exactly what numbers I need to hit to reach my goals, as well as what to adjust if I'm not on track. It’s completely freeing!

In just 6 months, I gained clarity around my pricing and value, have systems and processes in place that free me up to do my creative work, and I tripled my income. I’d highly recommend Justine to any creative business owner looking to grow!"

—Leah Wolff, visual designer, calligrapher and founder of Leah Wolff Design

"Working with Justine was the turning point in my business evolution, and the mindset shift I needed but would never have made on my own. From our first call, the pieces started to come together. Her recommendations were always easily actionable, so I could go off an integrate them into my work that very same day. More importantly, though, her insights and spot-on guidance have paid off faster than I can even believe. Within days of our first conversation, I was engaging ideal clients and securing long-term projects by articulating a very targeted and very authentic value proposition she made possible. And, thanks to her insights and clear-cut value-based positioning, I was suddenly commanding rates I never would have had the courage to ask for.

Justine has changed my creative process, my business, and my life. She is the driving force behind a business acceleration I can barely believe - I have to pinch myself most days. In just a few months I've significantly narrowed down my client pool to include people I truly love partnering with, and my monthly business revenue has more than tripled. I can't recommend anyone more highly than I do Justine. She's given me the confidence, insight, and framework to follow my passion and take back my life."

—Jaime Hollander, Founder of RRDA, Developing copy-driven messaging and marketing for growing businesses

“After several years of reading Justine’s newsletter, I finally booked an introductory call with her with a view to growing my children & family photography business.  By the end of that call, we had already started brainstorming strategies about how to approach my business in a whole new way, and I knew this was going be something great. Conceptualization and completion of a brand-new business in six months felt like a huge undertaking, but Justine helped me break it down into bite-sized chunks, answered ALL my questions, and had systems in place to guide me through the steps I needed to turn my idea into a profitable business.

During the six-month program I gained confidence in myself, not just as an artist but as someone equipped to run a successful business.  Just a few weeks after our final session, I launched a brand-new kids commercial photography business, Hyphen Photography and booked my first client one week after launching my new business!!! Thanks to the foundation we built, I have a clear direction about how to get in-front of my dream clients and grow my business.”

—Alexis Buatti Ramos, Founder of Hyphen Photography

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think of how to describe my time with Justine is - I'd honestly be scared to know where I would be in my business if I hadn't worked with Justine.

After being in the freelance illustration industry for a number of years, I had reached the point of over complicating, lacking focus and direction and REALLY knowing my client. My goal for coaching with Justine was to set up a strong foundation for my business and start bringing in more clients and income.

What I got from working with Justine was far more than a strong foundation in my business. Numerous times I experienced leaps in mindset shift changes, the highest level of clarity with my ideal client, message, services, and pricing. The absolute biggest transformation for me was breaking myself out of the comparison trap after years and what came from that was a whole new lease on my business and tangible opportunities coming in (and money!).”

—Alex Saba, Founder of Lusid Art

“Justine's group program was the single best investment I made this year. I was at a crossroads where I wanted to find clients that aligned more with my values and where I wanted to be in the long run. The group program helped me shift my perspective entirely and think about what hiring managers were looking for. Justine has the unique perspective of being on the hiring side for 20 years and working with 100's of creatives. It is crazy to me how much changing my marketing brought in a ton of new clients and not only that but the clients I specifically wanted. Her program really works, and it's also great to have met a new network of creatives through the process too. If you're on the fence, do it! So worth it.”

—Ali Cotterill, Filmmaker and Editor

“I had the privilege of working with Justine as I was transitioning from owning a successful startup to launching a new one. As a creative entrepreneur, starting this new venture and juggling the roles of creative, marketer, sales person etc. felt overwhelming. I needed a framework and knew I needed to work with someone who understood the unique challenges creative business owners face. Through Justine’s process, insights, and experience, I was able to define the essence of my business and soon those overwhelming feelings turned into clarity and intentional action. There is so much more to Justine’s work than her creative process. In her, I found someone who fully supported and guided me as I found my own path to success, and in creating something I am truly excited about today. More than a coach, I see Justine as a mentor. Thank you so much, ‘till our paths meet again!”

—Hadrien Monloup, Founder of Monloup Creative

“Justine's group program helped me re-structure the way I thought about my business. After neglecting my branding and design business to focus on my start-up, I was in the desperate position of needing to quickly bring in new work that paid well. Justine helped me figure exactly who I wanted to work with, what I had that they needed, and how to make it easy for them to select me as the perfect match for their challenges.

A few months later I have three new big clients, probably the best I’ve ever had, and know exactly how to grow my business from here on. I just need to execute.

Working with Justine is the single best advice I would give any creative business owner looking to grow their business quickly and consistently - period.”

—David Muller, creative director

“Working with Justine was like coming back online. What had been a rewarding career had recently turned into professional atrophy — and lingering there was not an option. I needed help to gain clarity and to reposition myself for the years to come. Through Justine’s program I regained perspective, made way for dormant ideas to come alive through research and planning, and changed my trajectory by retooling my whole approach.

Justine is a sharp thought partner who brings a wealth of practical processes and knowledge to the table in order to break new ground. I have her to thank for founding a podcast and a publication.”

—Ioana Friedman, Digital Design Lead + Founder at The Daring

"Working with Justine has provided the support and sounding board I desperately need as an independent business owner.  When I found Justine, I was really in the weeds about how to restructure my business to make it more sustainable in the long run while still achieving growth.  Working through Justine’s methodical process allowed me to evaluate major elements of the business one section at a time without becoming completely overwhelmed and better equipped me to make strategic decisions for moving forward.  I truly value her insight, resources, feedback, and support.  I don’t think I would be going down the right path without her!  I can’t recommend Justine enough! "

—Allison Berlin, Founder of Style Made Simple

“I wish I had found Justine’s group program when I first started my business a few years ago. The bi-monthly Zoom meetings with the whole group were incredibly helpful for hearing other creatives’ perspectives. I had great accountability partners to talk to as well, that I’m still in touch with today. The course modules are well paced so I could continue to manage my clients and day to day projects. I even changed the name of my LLC to something more relevant and reworked my entire website thanks to inspiration from the modules. As a result of the hours invested in this program, I now have the clients I want to be working with and more free time to travel. Thank you so much, Justine!”

—Jessica Sweeney, Founder of Rise Apparel Development

"Justine helped me to focus. Before working with her one-on-one, my design business was going in many different directions; I had lost sight of my big picture goals and how to grow my business and achieve a balanced life. Justine gave me clarity, helped to rebuild my confidence and taught me valuable skills to target my ideal clients and work with people and projects I want, rather than just taking anything. After just 6 months, I'm connecting to the people and projects I want to align with; it’s exciting to see results! Justine has great energy and insight—I highly recommend her services!”

—Karin Loglisci, Creative Director and Founder of Creative Table

"I worked with Justine at a pivotal moment in my visual identity and strategy consulting business for organizations and photographers. My client work was growing in different markets and I needed her guidance to focus and refine my messaging.

Justine helped me hone in on what my clients really need and how they need it. From there we focused on the written message of the services I am uniquely able to provide, who my ideal clients are in these markets, how my process works for them, and what the underlying value is that my clients need and get.

Her professional step-by-step process relied on both of us showing up to do our part. She did in spades and her encouragement made it fun and attainable to level up for the ultimate benefit of the people I serve. As a result of our work together and then implementing it with a website designer I now find clients faster that are a good fit and I offer them an improved customer experience."

—Cameron Sterling, Visual Identity & Strategy

“Justine has been such a JOY to work with and made a hugely positive impact on my business and on my general mental wellbeing. Before Justine, I was overwhelmed with all the directions I could go in my business. I would have analysis paralysis every day about what to focus on. There were moments where I felt incredibly down with little hope of ever getting my career coaching business to be consistently profitable. From our first call, she was so great at clearing my head in a matter of minutes and giving me simple actions to take to move me forward. Since working together, I finally raised my prices, pitched the largest proposal I have pitched, transitioned out a few clients who were no longer a good fit, and set-up my first webinar and 5-week group coaching program with marketing in place. Overall, I'm 100x more confident in the value I have to offer and the marketing steps it will take to bring relevant clients to me. I'm super grateful for the work we've done and highly recommend her!”

—Laura Castaing, Career and Business Coach

“Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel to have worked with Justine. I see myself in a whole new light and feel like the possibilities for my business are now are unlimited. Before working with Justine, I was barely chugging along with only a couple of clients and no new work coming in the foreseeable future. I had many years of experience and tons of skills and knowledge but didn’t know how to get clients. Justine helped me to see what makes me stand apart from other designers and to recognize attributes I hadn’t acknowledged in the past. I saw myself as just a graphic designer, not a business owner or a content creator. Now I’m ready to pitch companies with project ideas instead of waiting for work to come to me. I have a plan for marketing and growth, and I see a clear path for the future.”

—Lindsay Barnett, Founder of Indigo Studio

"Before hiring Justine, I was stuck trying to “make” something of my skills as a designer and photographer as a way to define my offerings and was feeling very limited in my options.

Going into the process my goal was to redefine and shift my business into something new and make steady progress moving forward. I can easily doubt my ideas and want to change course and Justine’s guidance, the assignments and accountability of coaching really kept me commit and stay on track. Working with Justine completely changed the way I look at client and market needs. She helped me clearly identify and define the problems that existed and create an original methodology/framework as a service offering and a way to differentiate myself and address the unique challenges my ideal clients face.

As a result of our work together, I completely re-positioned my business to help food and lifestyle brands tell their story better (along with new name, branding and website), my messaging and services are crystal clear, I have a marketing strategy that’s already up and running and the workshops I’ve hosted so far have received great feedback. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

—Melissa DiPalma, Founder of Sparkkcontent.com

"I started working with Justine when I was at a crossroads in my business. Everything was on the table...including walking away.

Justine used her program—with compassion, intuitiveness and a healthy dose of real talk—to get me through the resistance I felt about focusing on the business side of my business. I consider myself a stereotypical creative with big ideas and poor execution. Justine taught me that I am capable of so much more than that. She helped me put systems into place that would free me to be creative and therefore fulfilled in my work. She helped me gain valuable perspective on my goals and the concrete steps that I can take to achieve them.

I can honestly say that my business is thriving in large part because of Justine's guidance. I feel confident that I have the tools to tackle the roadblocks ahead, and know that she is there to support when the next plateau hits. I feel so lucky to have worked with Justine, and cannot recommend her highly enough!"

—Michele Wesson, Interior Designer and Founder of Boucher Interiors

"Working with Justine was an investment that has paid off in many ways. Most importantly, she helped me to put my company’s offerings into powerful words on our website and in our proposals. I’m more proud and confident, clearer, and have had more matches with new clients. With her wealth of experience in the creative industry, Justine has been a perfect place to turn for invaluable advice when it comes to my business."

—Nicole Rogers, Founder of Studio Kenney

After 15 years of a successful illustration career, I'd hit burn-out zone. My youthful enthusiasm was finally waning, and I realized that I needed to evolve my business to stay engaged in a way that both benefited myself and my clients. In Justine, I found a coach who felt like a friend, but who pushed me to self-discover where I needed to grow. There were times I felt like, "Just tell me what I need to do!", but I repeatedly realized that she was pushing me to figure it out myself, so that I'd REALLY get it. And that's what Justine gave me: the guidance, tools and deeper understanding to create a roadmap for myself. I and my business are still a work in process; but now, thanks to my work with Justine, I know what I need to do. Some of it feels scary and pushes me out of my comfort zone, but as Justine reminded me that's OK and how we grow. Thank you, Justine for helping me find the yellow-brick road, and the courage to follow it!

—Nicolle Fuller, founder of Sayo Studio

"Justine has been rocket fuel for my business. Within 4 months of working with her one-on one I was able to on-board a new client (using processes she helped me develop), charging 3x my regular rate, knowing I can deliver results. I have more high quality clients now than I can keep up with. Thank you Justine, such a pleasure!”

—Melissa Lind, founder of Dwelling Creative

“Justine is a special kind of listener. During our 90-minute session, she asked not only a lot of questions, but she was unafraid to ask the tough ones (the ones no one ever wants to really answer) about my work hopes and dreams. She didn’t let me off the hook—she waited until I was fearless enough to answer honestly. The way she really listened to my answers showed up in the way she directed my thoughts towards possibilities I hadn’t even considered. Those 90 minutes were the best creative gift I could have given myself.”

—Jana Jarosz, art director, creative thinker, and designer

"There will always be people who come into your life that make a positive change, and then there are those who completely turn your life upside down, in a good way! For me, that was meeting Justine in New York. Justine was established, and I was not. And yet, she saw my potential and she believed in me. She guided me through the hard world of becoming an artist. She taught me to not take things personally, to be professional, to be on time, to stand tall and to dream BIG, to give every job 100%. Most importantly, she taught me to believe in myself. Today, Justine is still my mentor and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for expert advice on building their career or business!"

—Megan Hess, illustrator

"I worked with Justine to identify potential clients, rethink my pricing and service offerings, and reorganize the website for my editorial consulting firm. In addition to one-on-one sessions, my team and I completed the exercises Justine gave us and evaluated virtually every area of our business. The results are now in, with nearly twice as much billing for the first quarter of 2018 over the previous year. As they say, "It works if you work it!" 

—Deborah Gaines, founder of Deborah Gaines Associates

"Justine was an excellent resource to help grow my business and get my head on straight. As a small business owner, finding the time to invest in our marketing has always been a challenge. I lacked clear focus and found myself floundering to implement too many initiatives instead of honing in on the ones that had the most impact. Justine was willing to customize her package to address our immediate need which was assistance with our major rebrand. I needed someone to show us where to begin, course correct along the way, but most importantly, hold me accountable. We couldn't have launched our new website, blog, and newsletter without her guidance. Through Justine's program, we were able to identify the most effective ways to reach our ideal clients, and our business has been growing steadily ever since. Thanks again!"

—George Costello, Owner of Costello Creative Group

“Before working with Justine, I felt like I was running in circles in my business. I’d been working with clients off and on for nearly a decade as a graphic designer, but I was constantly bouncing from one idea to the next, trying to make them all work. I didn’t have clear consistent messaging that set me apart, even though I preached the importance of it to my own clients. Justine helped me focus my energy and ambition in the direction that would grow my business; find and articulate my unique messaging; and feel more confident in raising my prices because of the value I created around my offerings. As a direct result of working with Justine, I signed two ideal clients (at my new higher rates) in one month! I also feel more confident in my branding, systems and processes, and marketing. I would recommend working with Justine to anyone!”

—Lena Eliza, Brand and website design

"Working with Justine is truly like a breath a fresh air and a powerfully inspiring and positive experience. She enthusiastically comes to each session ready to give her all. Justine not only helped me change the way I think about my business, but also she helped me change the way I think about life. That’s huge! The moment we began working together the power of intention immediately began to shift my business and my life into a better position. With great encouragement and direction, she made me step up to the plate and out of my comfort zone. I am now armed with better business practices, a thoughtful brand and a wonderful website that I’m proud of. Not only do I feel I found a great resource in Justine, but also a wonderful colleague".

—Lisa Cain, Founder of Lisa Cain Design

"Working with Justine was the best decision I could have made!  The months we’ve been working together have been the most defining and productive ones since starting my business in 2013.  Apart from being a very experienced business person in the creative field, Justine is also a very warm and compassionate person. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone and we worked through the roadblocks holding me back from having the business I wanted to have.

Before working with Justine, I had trouble setting and achieving goals, writing quotes, charging enough for my work, and budgeting.  I now have a simple and quick system for writing quotes, am confident about charging what I’m worth, and am more confident setting boundaries and expectations for my clients.

Thanks to our work together, I am very clear on what I want to achieve and what the necessary steps are to reach my goals, I know exactly what my strengths are and how I can incorporate them into my business to achieve my goals.  I have made huge progress, not only in business but also in my personal life and can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!"

—Lucille Solomon, medical and scientific illustrator, Switzerland

"Working with Justine for the 90-minute call was the best decision I could have made! I have recently decided to pivot my career focus, but was having a hard time articulating exactly what it was I wanted to do. I knew I had all the pieces of the puzzle but needed an outside perspective to help me focus and concentrate my efforts. Justine was extremely helpful: first emphasizing the need to pare down my offerings (even though I can do something doesn’t mean that I have to), as well as the need to bring everything under one umbrella so that prospective clients can get the full picture. I now feel fully equipped to create a new positioning statement and start networking with a clear message. Working with Justine gave me the clarity to move forward confidently and effectively."

—Sarah Jones, artist and art director

“Working with Justine has allowed me to make monumental changes in my business that I have been wanting to make and never felt I had the time or strategies to make happen on my own. She totally “got” me and geared my sessions toward the particular struggles I needed to address (short-term and long-term). She helped me in so many ways, from soul searching to what I really want out of my business to figuring out how to deal with day-to-day business issues that came up. I am now working with the type of clients I want to work with and have improved my time management to be more productive and less overwhelmed. I am moving my business into a direction I feel so excited about and know I would not have been able to make these transitions without Justine.”

—Jodi Kostelnik, Hello Neighbor Designs

"I absolutely loved working with Justine! I knew when I decided to start my own business, that I wanted to do it the right way and that I would need professional help and insights to get started. Not only was I pleasantly surprised that I found someone who worked specifically with creatives, but that she was able to understand the industry I'm in and provide realistic recommendations and insights for me. Justine gave me the confidence to be able to launch my business and validated that I can in fact do it, as well as helped with the messaging and positioning of my consultancy, which I had no idea how to articulate prior to working with her.

In the first month of launching my business, I had multiple calls with potential clients with promising results. I definitely recommend working with Justine for any creative who is just starting out their business and needs structured guidance or already established business owners who need help figuring out where to take their business next."

—Ariella Halperin, founder of Storied Senses

“I worked with Justine to build my foundation as an aspiring business owner. With her tremendous guidance, I learned how to develop a unique and memorable personal brand and talk about what I do with a focused clarity. Even though I always had a vision of what I hope to achieve through my work, she helped me to translate it into actionable steps in short and mid-term perspectives. These action steps laid out give me the clarity to relentlessly connect and share the services I offer and build a cadre of inspiring clients!”

—Dicle Uzunyayla, Architect and Designer, Singapore

“Justine’s coaching program gave me the boost that I needed! Before working with Justine, I was busy with work, but not attracting any new clients, and wasn’t sure where to focus my efforts. My website was also outdated and vague. Justine helped me gain the clarity, confidence, focus and tools I needed to move forward. I learned the importance of marketing and working ‘on’ my business, not just ‘in’ it. She helped me pull together my positioning and content for my new website (that recently launched!). Justine also helped me develop innovative ideas on how to market my business, and helped me identify what I want from my business moving forward. I gained a new-found enthusiasm for my business and I very quickly landed a new client, which more than paid for my investment in Justine. I’d highly recommend her!”

—Amy Gorrek, Creative Director & Founder of Studio AG

“Justine is a brilliant “creative whisperer”. Working with her as I switched paths and started my company, brought me clarity, confidence and most importantly, sanity. Her process is based on logical and actionable steps and her reassuring calm and fun demeanor gave me the confidence I needed. She was instrumental in helping me create a clear plan for building a successful business. And it doesn’t hurt that she has deep well of contacts to call on to help with the myriad of details in building one’s business. I have sent many grateful friends to her and two years in, she remains a valued and trusted counsel.”

—Alex Bates, Creative Director, founder, Flint & Kent

“Every creative solopreneur needs a Justine! After working with Justine I gained clarity regarding my brand, clarity on prospects I wanted to approach and was able to present a much stronger marketing and web presence. As a photographer who recently moved from a small market to NYC I found the prospect of re-establishing myself a bit daunting and quickly needed to readjust my focus. Justine made the transition easy and because of her help I am able to work with and approach very high level prospective clients with ease. As a direct result my income level has increased, I have new revenue sources that are in development and am completely back on track with marketing efforts. Aside from her stellar coaching abilities she is an overall wonderful person and delight to work with, I can not recommend her highly enough.”

—Julien McRoberts, photographer

“Working with Justine was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After experiencing a few wonderful and exciting career shifts, I got to a point where I didn't know how to get from where I currently was, to my dream of growing a creative services business with clients all over the world. Justine's no-nonsense coaching sessions was a real journey of self-discovery for me–she helped me to believe in the real value of my work, as well as my goal. She connects the dots, getting down to the nitty-gritty with tough love, but constantly saw my overall vision. Within months of completing my workshops with Justine, I've developed an increasing number of relationships with global clients like World Bank, United Nations, and multi-national startups in Europe and Africa. Thank you Justine, for helping me to shift my perspective of myself as a professional in order to live my dream of going global and doing what I love!”

—Khania Curtis, Founder and Creative Director, Hotworks

“Before working with Justine, I was focusing on attracting the wrong clients in my food photography business. Justine helped me stop getting caught up in the day-to day and start looking at my business like a CEO. We identified my strengths, who my clients are, and created a master plan to help me reach my goals. I love working with Justine because she keeps me on my toes and her enthusiasm, drive, and smarts made me want to work harder and smarter at my business every day!”

—Evi Abeler, food photographer

“Justine has helped me turn 25 years of professional experience inside PR agencies into a fresh new brand of my own. The money I spent on Justine was one of the best investment I have ever made. As a result of our work together, I know who my ideal clients are; I am comfortable holding out for them; and I have the confidence to ask for - and command - the fees that I deserve.”

—Nancy Weltchek, Weltchek Writes

“I had a wonderful time working with Justine. With her guidance, I was able to make some fundamental changes in my work, as well as personal life. She understood right away who I am and what I needed to move forward and grow as a person and business. She helped me be more confident, to not be afraid of big changes, and to stay positive at all times. Together we figured out my business niche, developed a concise mission statement and came up with a new company name and website, which will launch in December. Due to Justine's support I was able to transform from a freelancer to an actual business. Signing up for her coaching services was certainly one of the best investments I made!"

—Steffi Sauer, founder of Gutes Design Studio

“After 18 years of art directing, I realized I needed to define myself and learn how to talk about my specific strengths and experiences when seeking clients and jobs. Working with Justine gave me the clear insight I needed to effectively edit my skills and really narrow in on the things that make me, me. It was truly a valuable experience that ultimately led me to a dream job. Thank you!!”

—Amy Demas, Creative Director

"I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Justine at a point in my business in which I needed a re-invention. As I sought to both define and refine my next professional move, she systematically helped me to assess my strengths and opportunities. Together we designed a strategic marketing approach for my business, which in combination with her compassionate and supportive coaching style, enabled me to move forward with a heightened sense of confidence. I’ve come to consider Justine a trusted advisor especially in my field of marketing consulting & copywriting. I’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for that very rare combination of professional competence and sheer compassion for helping others!”

—Lori Hill, Marketing Consultant

“Justine's guidance and encouragement were invaluable in helping me clarify the unique value that I offer and increasing my confidence in marketing my services. Her distinct perspective was a major asset as I developed the core messages and content that were critical to launching an improved website. Before working with Justine, I took on any project; now I am able to focus on those that offer the greatest benefit to both me and my clients.”

—Lydia Hooper, designer and creative consultant

“I contacted Justine when I was at a transitional moment in my career. After 6 years as the founder and creative director of a fashion site, I sold it and began looking for new opportunities. My challenge was that although I had many skills, I wasn't sure how to put them together in a way to market myself to others. At that point, I really wanted someone to say ‘you would be good in X position, let's re-write your resume for that.’ That is not what she did at all! Instead, Justine gave me a series of assignments that really helped bring clarity around what I was authentically interested in and even allowed me to see some talents I took for granted. In the end, I had a clear vision of the direction I wanted to pursue and a confidence that I believe helped me get the work I'm doing (and really love) now. Justine's personality is very warm and down-to-earth and she understands the needs of professional creatives in today's marketplace. I highly recommend her.”

—Katya Moorman, Creative Consultant and Image Maker at Katya Moorman