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How to get new clients: the short + long game

If you’re in business, there’s always one thing that’s top of mind: Whether you’re starting out and need to get your first few clients, or are re-positioning your existing business to attract higher-quality, better paying clients, the goal of keeping your pipeline full is always the same. So, how do you find and keep great clients? After 15+ years getting new clients as a rep for independent creative professionals, and 7 years building my coaching practice, I’ve learned that business…

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The 4 questions successful entrepreneurs ask themselves

Have you ever felt the intuitive nudge to take BIG action in your career or business?  Perhaps you’re feeling the call to re-brand your business, move your office outside of the home, hire staff or engage a coach. Whatever the action, these surges forward typically involve a significant investment of time, energy and money. So why is it, even thought we know the time is right, we just can’t bring ourselves to pull the trigger? It’s that inner voice that…

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