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How to balance creativity with profitability

Being a creative-leaning, empathic type, I used to think money didn’t matter; that being happy and fulfilled were more important than everything else.  And I was half-right! Being happy and fulfilled IS the most important thing in life, but that’s pretty-hard to achieve without making enough (and then some) money. What a predicament. So, for years, I focused on doing what my heart led me to do. Which luckily did make me enough money to support my immediate needs (though…

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How to work less and make more

Having worked with creative business owners and freelancers for more than 15 years, I’ve learned that the path to entrepreneurship is rarely straight.  Many of us (myself included) fell into entrepreneurship and never went back; some were pushed via a layoff, and a scant few knew entrepreneurship was for them and had a plan. Is it any wonder the holy grail of entrepreneurship, the freedom to choose whom you work for, when, and for how much, feels like a pipe…

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