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Are you constantly hustling for new clients? It’s time to stop the madness!

As a business coach and service-based business owner myself, I’ve noticed there’s a common challenge many of experience at some point and that is: The never-ending hustle for new clients Been there? Yep, me too! You get a new client, celebrate for about a nano-second (because entrepreneurs are notorious for blowing right by our accomplishments so we may better focus on our shortcomings!) and immediately return to that familiar loop in our heads: “Where’s my next client coming from?” 😬…

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How to make progress AND enjoy the process

Being an entrepreneur myself, and having engaged with hundreds over the years, I’ve learned there are two traits most of us share: Big ideas Impatience Now this is a pretty bad combination because, as we all know (intellectually, at least), turning a big idea into something that is of value and delivers results to our clients takes time and a LOT of practice. And who wants to do that?! At first blush, no one. But when you shift your mindset,…

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Are you ready for a new chapter, but don’t know where to start?

I’ve always loved September.  There’s a new energy in the air and everything feels creative and active after the more mellow days of summer. But with that new energy comes a call to take action.  A call to stop ignoring the things you hoped might get better (or magically go away), to finally get that big idea out of your head and into the world, or start a new chapter in your life or business I know I’m feeling that…

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