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Thinking big is the easy part

As an entrepreneur you’ve most likely been advised to think big, go big or go home, or set BHAG’s, aka Big Audacious Hairy Goals (that one always sounds a bit gross to me!). I’m as guilty as the next person of falling for the allure of a big audacious goal. After all, outrageous goals, big ideas, and splashy action just sounds sexy and entrepreneurial, don’t they?  Consistent action and incremental progress don’t have quite the same ring to them. And…

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What you measure GROWS. 3 metrics to track in your creative business.

I recently listened to a podcast with a veteran business investor and CEO who stated that growth is only possible when we measure and track the things that matter in our business. And just to be sure we creative business owners got the message, he followed up with “If you’re not willing to measure, you’re not willing to progress.” Ouch! That one hit me hard because me and metrics aren’t super-tight on a day-to-day basis if you know what I…

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Are YOU the biggest obstacle to your business growth?

  Before taking on a new client I always ask (among other questions), what’s getting in the way of them achieving their goals.  And do you know what answer I get most often? ME! And I can relate (oh, you too?).  What now comes easily to me in business almost always started out as a seemingly insurmountable mental and logistical hurdle.  Yep, we humans are complex beings.  We have the capacity to dream up incredible ideas and we’re more than…

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