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Why clients aren’t buying your high-priced services + what to do about it (hint: it’s not lowering your prices!)

Do you remember the days when clients paid top-dollar for branding and design services? I do! Wasn’t it great? We all knew the rules of engagement and it was simply a matter of connecting the right client with the qualified creative professional or team and boom. Problem solved. But things have changed, right? With new technologies developing at a dizzying rate and clients having options that are faster and cheaper than ever before, the new landscape can feel confounding, challenging,…

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Are you leaving money on the table? 3 ways to close the sale with confidence and ease.

How do you feel about sales? You want them but don’t want to “do” them, am I right? Now, let me ask you this. How does your ambivalence or lack of process around sales impact your business? Right?! Lack of attention or process when it comes to sales leads to unpredictable results. And unpredictable results lead to the dreaded feast or famine cycle. So, today I’m going to share my tried and tested sales and on-boarding process that will help…

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