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5 ways to communicate the value of what you do (and why you’re worth the big bucks)

As a business coach for creative business owners, I can honestly say most clients entering my practice aren’t charging enough. Not nearly enough. And I understand why. I remember a pricing conversation in my days as an agent for independent creatives with a prospective client that I’m sure will sound familiar. The prospect was a large national brand looking for an estimate for tagline development. When I quoted the fee, the woman on the end of the phone practically fell…

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How to balance creativity with profitability

Being a creative-leaning, empathic type, I used to think money didn’t matter; that being happy and fulfilled were more important than everything else.  And I was half-right! Being happy and fulfilled IS the most important thing in life, but that’s pretty-hard to achieve without making enough (and then some) money. What a predicament. So, for years, I focused on doing what my heart led me to do. Which luckily did make me enough money to support my immediate needs (though…

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