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The reason clients aren’t buying what you’re selling (and what to do about it)

Have you ever wondered how some businesses or brands just seem to have their finger on the pulse, perfectly anticipating what their clients want and need? What gives? What secret do they know that you don’t? They know that the secret to building a thriving, relevant business is understanding who their target customers are, and building a message, product, and experience to meet their unique needs. More specifically, they know what problems their ideal clients think they have, and they know…

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Is your vague message and presentation costing you clients?

In my days as an agent for art directors, copywriters, graphic designers and illustrators, I would get a lead on a new project and get to work calling in portfolios (I know, old school!) from all great independent creative talent I worked with. Some portfolios came in great shape, ready to go and a win the job, while others didn’t do justice to the creative mind and hand behind it. I’d been in the offices of creative directors who were…

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