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Are YOU the biggest obstacle to your business growth?

  Before taking on a new client I always ask (among other questions), what’s getting in the way of them achieving their goals.  And do you know what answer I get most often? ME! And I can relate (oh, you too?).  What now comes easily to me in business almost always started out as a seemingly insurmountable mental and logistical hurdle.  Yep, we humans are complex beings.  We have the capacity to dream up incredible ideas and we’re more than…

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Big leaps are scary: 3 ways to overcome the fear ALL entrepreneurs face

Do you remember the moment you decided to go out on your own? I do. And it was terrifying. I was 35 years old, in a relationship that, instead of heading towards marriage and babies, was in its final death-spiral and coming to the realization that I’d gone as far as I could in my job as a creative rep. I was settling for a small life that I didn’t want and knew I had to do something drastic; to…

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