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Are YOU the biggest obstacle to your business growth?

  Before taking on a new client I always ask (among other questions), what’s getting in the way of them achieving their goals.  And do you know what answer I get most often? ME! And I can relate (oh, you too?).  What now comes easily to me in business almost always started out as a seemingly insurmountable mental and logistical hurdle.  Yep, we humans are complex beings.  We have the capacity to dream up incredible ideas and we’re more than…

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How to use the power of intention to get the results you want

When I was an agent for independent creatives, my job was to find great projects, write and negotiate proposals, and facilitate the project from beginning to end ensuring the creative and client felt heard, supported and delighted with the outcome. Simple right? I won’t claim every project was a raging success, but I will say my 15+ year career was characterized by WAY more, happy, repeat clients, than unsatisfied one-offs. While there were lots of factors at play – from…

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