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How to QUICKLY create connection, build trust, and get clients to say “yes!”

What TV Netflix shows are you currently hooked on?  My husband and I recently ploughed through Bloodline and Narcos (to name just a couple) and found ourselves so invested in the characters and story-lines, we were genuinely upset when they ended. Back to you and your favorite show.  Have you got one in mind?  Great!  Now think about why you like it.  I’m willing to bet it has a compelling central character that you can’t help rooting for, no matter…

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3 powerful reasons to write your brand story

The other day I watched a Baby Tylenol commercial that moved me to tears (I know, I’m a pretty easy target!). You see, the ad’s hero was a baby with an ear infection and while his mum tried everything to comfort her little one, the only thing that finally brought everyone some relief was Baby Tylenol. Now who do you think has a baby who recently had an ear infection? That’s right, me! Those clever ad people know that if…

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