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3 strategies to help you WIN the day

Have you ever: Got to the end of your day and wondered where it went, or what you achieved? Had a slow start and never really recovered the day? Sat down at your desk and thought “Now what?” My friend, you’re not alone. When you’re the boss, the buck starts and stops with you and that’s a pretty weighty responsibility. I’ve felt it too. When I started my first business, a creative management agency in 2006, I was living alone…

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The 3 C’s of a thriving creative business (and you already have them all!)

If you’ve ever felt that: your creative talents aren’t as needed or appreciated as they once were the heydays of being paid well to design/draw/write are truly over the future belongs to digitally savvy millennials You’re not alone. In my work as a business coach for creative professionals and business owners, I’ve learned that one of the most confounding and upsetting challenges they face is not knowing how to adapt to an industry that (rather unfeelingly) appears to no longer…

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