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Your business won’t grow unless you do this

When I moved to NYC from London in 1996, I considered myself to be pretty worldly. After all, I had just spent the last 8 years living in a still-very-dodgy East London area.  How much tougher could New York be? I quickly realized that the culture in NYC was very different and I was out of my depth.  This became painfully clear in my first real job working at a small creative representation agency.  It was a completely new industry…

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Is your creative business dead in summer? Here are 7 ways to turn that around!

Summer can be a challenging time of year for independent creative professionals. On the one hand – IT’S SUMMMMMMER – the season you’ve been living for ALL year.  On the other hand, summer rentals, dinner and cute summer frocks cost money, and a couple of slow months can put a serious damper on the fun. So what’s a creative to do? Take control of the situation.  There are a million things you can do to position yourself more effectively to…

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