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Your business won’t grow unless you do this

When I moved to NYC from London in 1996, I considered myself to be pretty worldly. After all, I had just spent the last 8 years living in a still-very-dodgy East London area.  How much tougher could New York be? I quickly realized that the culture in NYC was very different and I was out of my depth.  This became painfully clear in my first real job working at a small creative representation agency.  It was a completely new industry…

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How to focus and get RESULTS in your creative business

One of the biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs tell me they experience is not knowing where to focus in their creative business. Whether you’re a one man/woman show, or you have employees to oversee, there are WAY too many things you could (should?) be doing and not enough time, energy, and focus to do it all. So, things go one of two ways: You try and do everything, run yourself ragged in the process, and still don’t see the results you…

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5 ways to set your creative business up for financial success

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a free training called 3 Ways to Make More Money in Your Creative Business, and boy, was that a hot topic?! One thing’s for sure; we have a whole lot of hang-ups around money, what we can charge, and how much we believe we can make doing what we love. The belief that creativity and making lots of money don’t mix is one I’m on a mission to dispel. Not because I never…

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