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How to use the power of intention to get the results you want

When I was an agent for independent creatives, my job was to find great projects, write and negotiate proposals, and facilitate the project from beginning to end ensuring the creative and client felt heard, supported and delighted with the outcome. Simple right? I won’t claim every project was a raging success, but I will say my 15+ year career was characterized by WAY more, happy, repeat clients, than unsatisfied one-offs. While there were lots of factors at play – from…

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6 ways to break the feast or famine cycle + fill your pipeline with ideal prospects

Whether you’ve been working for yourself for years, or are just transitioning into freelancing or starting your own business, one of the biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs tell me they face is dealing fluctuations in work and income.  One month you’re flush, the next you’re anxiously wondering where the next project is coming from.  And so the cycle continues. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to manage work and income flow, allowing you to channel your focus and…

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The Creative Professional’s Guide to Marketing – part 1

How do you feel about marketing?  Do you love it? Do you hate it?  Are you open to it, but have no idea where to start? Maybe you were taught that cold-calling and pounding the pavement were only ways to get new gigs. Or perhaps you see others successfully using tools such as social media, but feel intimidated by what you don’t know.  You may already be marketing yourself, but want to build out your strategy.   No matter where…

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