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How to start (and finish) a big creative project

What creative ideas, projects, or initiatives are you hatching right now?  Why do I ask? Oh, because if you’re a creative freelancer or business owner, I know you’ve got a thing or two (or twelve!) rolling around in your head. Tell me I’m wrong! So, how’s it going? If your answer is a mixed bag of excitement, excuses, and self-doubt you’re in good company (ask me how I know! ). One of the big ideas I’ve been kicking around/down the…

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5 ways to be more productive and less busy

Have you ever responded to the question “how are you?” with “I’m SO busy!!!”? I know I have. But really, when did our lives become so overwhelming that we’d offer such a poor answer to a genuinely nice question? All it does is force the other person to comfort or commiserate with us, and where’s the fun or value in that? As a default position, being busy is an alarmingly easy one to take. And we’re being enabled every step…

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