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You’re more ready than you think (no magical thinking required!)

Have you ever done something that changed the course of someone’s life without even thinking about it? Maybe you grabbed a stranger’s sleeve as they were about to step in front of a car. Or perhaps you had a spidey sense that something was “off”, later learning your instinct had been bang on. Or maybe you decided to take that meeting/go on that date and your life took a different trajectory as a result. Now, think of all the times…

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What would this look like if it were easy?

Have you ever seen a client, family member, or friend make heavy weather out of something and wonder why on earth they’re making things so darn complicated? I mean, from where you’re sitting, things look pretty straightforward! Now, let me ask you this. Have you been that person?   I know I have!  For me, making things more complicated than they need to be manifests in a few ways. It often presents as a sense of urgency (entirely of my own…

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Boundaries: how to say “no” with grace (and a clear conscience)

As a business owner, mum, and someone who likes to be liked, I have been known to say “yes” to things I don’t have the capacity for, I’m not the right person for, or just don’t want to do. Maybe you have too. Perhaps it’s offering to take on a project you know will mean burning the midnight oil. Perhaps it’s clients who regularly haggle on price or scope creep. Or maybe it’s agreeing to host the baby shower or…

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