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When not enough work ISN’T your problem

Can you have too much of a good thing? If you’re a freelancer, you’ve probably been conditioned to believe there’s no such thing as too much work. We’ve been taught to adopt a scarcity mindset and believe we’d better take it while it’s coming, because who knows when the next client or job will come along. More is better, right? So, you say “yes” to it all. The good, the bad, and the meh. Before you know it, you’re underwater working for…

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Feeling all over the place in your creative business? How to focus on what matters.

By February 80% of New Year’s resolutions have already failed (according to Business Insider). While this might seem like a total downer and have you questioning why you should bother setting goals in the first place, bear with me. Because I believe that goals are a GREAT thing. They put words and intention to our deepest hopes and dreams, they call us forth to become something we’re not but want to be, and they inspire actions we would never normally…

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How to focus and get RESULTS in your creative business

One of the biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs tell me they experience is not knowing where to focus in their creative business. Whether you’re a one man/woman show, or you have employees to oversee, there are WAY too many things you could (should?) be doing and not enough time, energy, and focus to do it all. So, things go one of two ways: You try and do everything, run yourself ragged in the process, and still don’t see the results you…

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