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What successful creatives know and do differently

Over the course of a 20-year career working with creative professionals and business owners, I’ve learned there are two things you gorgeous people absolutely need to feel fulfilled and successful: Doing work that has meaning, with clients who share your values and pay what you’re worth Building a business or career that supports the life you want for yourself and your family Does that sound about right? I’ve yet to meet a creative who doesn’t want these things, but I’ve…

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Ready to quit your day job? Answer these 5 questions first.

Have you ever taken a leap into the unknown without fully considering all that might be in store? I have.  Twice.  The first time was when I left my full-time job to start my creative management agency in 2006; the second was when I transitioned into a completely new industry and launched my coaching business. On both occasions, I had a vivid vision of the fulfillment, creative expression and enrichment my new life would afford me.  And I got all…

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3 powerful reasons to write your brand story

The other day I watched a Baby Tylenol commercial that moved me to tears (I know, I’m a pretty easy target!). You see, the ad’s hero was a baby with an ear infection and while his mum tried everything to comfort her little one, the only thing that finally brought everyone some relief was Baby Tylenol. Now who do you think has a baby who recently had an ear infection? That’s right, me! Those clever ad people know that if…

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