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A-ha moments: how to harness the magic + turn ideas into action

Have you ever had an a-ha moment? That split-second when something previously unclear, frustrating, even confounding, suddenly makes sense. 💡 You feel a rush of energy, clarity, and exhilaration as new avenues and possibilities open up to you. I’ve heard clients describe these moments as divine downloads, a random neuron firing, even the voice of God speaking to them. Whatever your unique experience, it feels like magic, doesn’t it? Magic is all well and good, but doesn’t feel like a…

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Suffered enough summer slumps? How to make this your last!

I was at a BBQ the other day when the host, a wonderful woman who’s the same age as me, jokingly said, “Oh, it’s all just downhill for us now.” She was talking to the wrong person! (The person who, by the way, had her second baby at 44 years old). “Not me!” I said. “I’ve decided I’m peaking, and things are just getting better from here on in.” She laughed and agreed that was a much better plan. Have…

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