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Feeling behind?

Hands up if you’ve ever believed your peers are further along/more organized/more successful/generally better than you. 🙋‍♀️ I’m willing to bet nearly all of you have your hand up.  I know I do! Whether we’re talking about your perception of yourself as an entrepreneur, a creative, a parent, a friend, etc. we all have a tendency to believe everyone else has their act together, while we consistently flounder. “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outside.” -Rob Lowe Which is…

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Are you closing your eyes and hoping for the best?

If I told you that your business is always going to be in flux would you be (a) excited or (b) depressed? Your answer will tell you a lot about your mindset around change, potential, and your ability to thrive, no matter what. While we’d all love to say we embrace change, enjoy a good challenge, and see failure as a stepping stone to success (and all those other empowering rallying cries we see on Instagram!) most of us don’t…

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