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Are you leaving money on the table? 3 ways to close the sale with confidence and ease.

How do you feel about sales? You want them but don’t want to “do” them, am I right? Now, let me ask you this. How does your ambivalence or lack of process around sales impact your business? Right?! Lack of attention or process when it comes to sales leads to unpredictable results. And unpredictable results lead to the dreaded feast or famine cycle. So, today I’m going to share my tried and tested sales and on-boarding process that will help…

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How to make progress AND enjoy the process

Being an entrepreneur myself, and having engaged with hundreds over the years, I’ve learned there are two traits most of us share: Big ideas Impatience Now this is a pretty bad combination because, as we all know (intellectually, at least), turning a big idea into something that is of value and delivers results to our clients takes time and a LOT of practice. And who wants to do that?! At first blush, no one. But when you shift your mindset,…

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The 4 questions successful entrepreneurs ask themselves

Have you ever felt the intuitive nudge to take BIG action in your career or business?  Perhaps you’re feeling the call to re-brand your business, move your office outside of the home, hire staff or engage a coach. Whatever the action, these surges forward typically involve a significant investment of time, energy and money. So why is it, even thought we know the time is right, we just can’t bring ourselves to pull the trigger? It’s that inner voice that…

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