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Small tweaks that lead to HUGE leaps

If I had to define my character, I’d say I’m pretty optimistic.  I genuinely want to see the best in people, assume things will work out for the best, and believe that there’s an intelligent force greater than myself that’s got everything covered. But I’m also human and that means when one thing is going wrong and nine things are going right, my entire focus will be on that ONE thing that’s not working out. The result, if left unchecked,…

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How to focus and get RESULTS in your creative business

One of the biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs tell me they experience is not knowing where to focus in their creative business. Whether you’re a one man/woman show, or you have employees to oversee, there are WAY too many things you could (should?) be doing and not enough time, energy, and focus to do it all. So, things go one of two ways: You try and do everything, run yourself ragged in the process, and still don’t see the results you…

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Are you closing your eyes and hoping for the best?

If I told you that your business is always going to be in flux would you be (a) excited or (b) depressed? Your answer will tell you a lot about your mindset around change, potential, and your ability to thrive, no matter what. While we’d all love to say we embrace change, enjoy a good challenge, and see failure as a stepping stone to success (and all those other empowering rallying cries we see on Instagram!) most of us don’t…

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