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How to have more fun, work less, and make more in 2018

Just follow your passion!!! Find your life’s purpose and build a business around it (yes, just like that!) Be your authentic self (and everything will be fine) As a creative business owner, is there anything more unhelpful than rally cries like these? It’s like a therapist telling you “cheer up” when you’re feeling depressed and sending you on your merry way. When you’re struggling to figure out how to get from where you are in your business (stuck) to where…

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5 ways to build a brand without being an extrovert, tastemaker, or influencer

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram (or whatever) feed, marveling at everyone else’s apparent ability to share their perfectly curated thoughts and opinions on a daily basis? It’s easy to believe the world is full of cool, connected extroverts, for whom building a personal brand is as easy as falling of a log, right? So what’s an introvert, who’s JUST as committed to building their brand, to do? Start by knowing you’re in good company.  Some of the most…

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