90-minute strategy session

Ever felt stuck in your creative business or career? (I know, dumb question. Who hasn’t?!) Perhaps, you’re an accidental business owner ready to be more proactive about the kind of clients, business, and income you have. Or perhaps you’ve been going with the flow for way too long in your creative career and know that positive change has to start with you.

Wherever you are, you’re not alone. We’ve all coasted in our businesses or careers at times, typically out of fear or being a little too comfortable with the status quo. There’s no shame here, but you know that status quo isn’t really an option. Right?

What if it were possible to challenge your assumptions, define and articulate your ideas and their value, and develop a plan and next steps all in less than a morning’s work.

Listen, I know that feeling stuck isn’t through lack of trying on your part to get un-stuck. Which is why you need support (and where I come in!).

Book a 90-minute strategy session with me and I will listen to your hopes, your fears, and where you’re stuck and together we’ll articulate your bigger, bolder vision, and action plan.

“Justine is a special kind of listener. During our 90-minute session, she asked not only a lot of questions, but she was unafraid to ask the tough ones (the ones no one ever wants to really answer) about my work hopes and dreams. She didn’t let me off the hook—she waited until I was fearless enough to answer honestly. The way she really listened to my answers showed up in the way she directed my thoughts towards possibilities I hadn’t even considered. Those 90 minutes were the best creative gift I could have given myself.”

—Jana Jarosz, art director, creative thinker, and designer

How it works


  • Once you book your session, I will send you a list of questions designed to help us both come to the session prepared and ready to make some serious, mind-blowing changes.
  • We’ll meet via Zoom where we’ll get to the heart of the matter, articulate your business vision and proposition, and map out next steps.
  • I’ll send you a recording, recap notes, and any other resources to help you turn your new ideas into reality.

If you’re ready to consider possibilities you never even thought of and zero in on a plan you can execute confidently and effectively, this session is for you!

Ready? Me too!

Book your session by Saturday, 2/21 and save $100!


"Working with Justine for the 90-minute call was the best decision I could have made! I have recently decided to pivot my career focus, but was having a hard time articulating exactly what it was I wanted to do. I knew I had all the pieces of the puzzle but needed an outside perspective to help me focus and concentrate my efforts. Justine was extremely helpful: first emphasizing the need to pare down my offerings (even though I can do something doesn’t mean that I have to), as well as the need to bring everything under one umbrella so that prospective clients can get the full picture. I now feel fully equipped to create a new positioning statement and start networking with a clear message. Working with Justine gave me the clarity to move forward confidently and effectively."

—Sarah Jones, artist and art director