How to QUICKLY create connection, build trust, and get clients to say “yes!”

What TV Netflix shows are you currently hooked on?  My husband and I recently ploughed through Bloodline and Narcos (to name just a couple) and found ourselves so invested in the characters and story-lines, we were genuinely upset when they ended.

Back to you and your favorite show.  Have you got one in mind?  Great!  Now think about why you like it.  I’m willing to bet it has a compelling central character that you can’t help rooting for, no matter how flawed they are.  That character’s story-line is likely supported by a cast of other characters and story-lines that build upon that story and deepen your emotional connection, right?

Imagine applying that thinking to your business. The story-line you choose to share with your target audience establishes connection, builds engagement and GROWS your brand.

In my last blog post, I shared 3 powerful reasons to write your brand story, followed by a Facebook Live session where I walked you through the exact steps to write your story (click here to check that out).

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In this post, we’re going to talk about how to build upon that narrative and create that supporting cast of characters and story-lines (yes, even if you work alone) to deepen the level of connection your prospects feel when they engage with your brand, and motivate them to take action!

Let’s start with your main narrative.

I’ll use my story as an example (which you can read in full here if you wish) but these cliff notes will serve our purposes here:

  • In 1996 I move from London to NYC, having never been to the US before, with a man I’d be dating for 3 months (I know!)
  • 8 months later, said man decides he no longer wants a girlfriend and I find myself alone
  • I get hired to answer the phone in a design agency, almost entirely due to my English accent
  • I then get hired by a creative management agency, where I cut my teeth in the advertising, design, and creative management world
  • In 2006 I start my own creative management agency, Plum Creative
  • In 2008 the recession almost puts me out of business, but……
  • ….I get an idea to help all the creatives who have been laid off, and my coaching business is born
  • I invest A LOT of money in a year-long marketing and coaching program
  • Using the skills I learned, I continue to run both businesses (during which time I have my first child)
  • After 4 years of juggling 2 businesses and a new family, I close Plum Creative to focus 100% on my coaching business
  • In 2015 I have a surprise second baby at 44 years of age
  • I’m as happy as a clam, living my life’s purpose to help creatives position, market and profit from their creative expertise.

Now, within that story, there are multiple sub-stories I can mine to help build connection with a prospect, inspire confidence, offer solutions, and show credibility.

Here are some examples of that narrative enables me to connect on a range of relevant subjects (to my ideal clients), such as:

  • How a downturn in the economy (the recession of 2008) was the springboard for finding my purpose.
    What this means to my ideal clients:  regardless of your circumstances and the economy, you can thrive if you make a plan and take consistent action.
  • How I built my network in a new country, when the odds really weren’t in my favor (no friends, network, or experience).
    What this means to my ideal clients:  Even if they “hate” networking, they can quickly build at thriving network with the right mindset and strategy
  • Describe how I went out on my own and built my first creative agency.
    What this means to my ideal clients:  Where there’s as a will, there’s a way. If you have a passion and the motivation to take action daily, anything is possible.
  • Connect with people on the fear that comes from putting your money where your mouth is and investing, big time, in your chosen direction.
    What this means to my ideal clients:  You’ve got to have skin in the game if you’re going to thrive. Do your research, read reviews and testimonials, interview people you think could help you get where you’re going faster, and get support.
  • Talk about work/balance (if there is such a thing), within the context of having 2 kids and a business.
    What this means to my ideal clients:  Everyone is busy (kids or no kids), but learning how to work smarter, rather than harder, means you can have the freedom AND the business you wish for. And if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work anyway.
  • Show that we’re never too old to do something others said we couldn’t.
    What this means to my ideal clients:  In my case, I defied expectations by having another baby at 44 years old. In your case, it might be starting a new phase of your career or business in your 50’s or 60’s, deciding to transition into an entirely new industry later in your career, or deciding to travel and work from wherever you are.

Do you see how sharing your story can help you connect with your ideal clients wherever they are on their buyer’s journey? Some will be ready to convert to clients right away, while others will continue to get to know you and hire you when they’re ready.  Either way, you’ll be continually sharing, connecting and building so your pipeline is always full of high-quality prospects.

If you’re ready to create your brand narrative and would like guidance on how to make that happen, maybe I can help. I’d like to offer you a 30-minute strategy session where we’ll talk about your business, your challenges, and best next steps for you.   Click here to get started!

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