Nuture Your Creative Business

4 Sessions

A successful business needs to be nurtured. As creative business owners or freelancers, we need to continually grow, learn, and push beyond our limitations. If you’ve completed either the Launch or Grow Your Creative Business package, and would like on-going support, guidance and cheerleading, I’m here for you!

You are:
  • Full of ideas you want to get out of your head and into the world
  • Ready to tackle a big idea you might not have been ready for, even a few months ago
  • Stepping into more of a leadership role, and finding your feet in this new role
  • Aware that the industry is changing, and realizing you need to evolve too
  • Is invested in continuing to develop professionally and personally.
What you need most right now:
  • Practical tools, strategies and resources to make your ideas or initiatives happen
  • A sounding board for new ideas
  • Accountability, support and feedback where you need it
  • Emotional support as you continue to put yourself out there
  • Fresh ideas for how to market yourself as an industry expert
What you get:
  • Assessment of where you are, and new goals you want to reach
  • Personalized plan and assignments
  • 4 full hours of coaching via Zoom
  • Recordings of sessions
  • Re-cap notes for each session
  • Insights and feedback and advice from a small business owner
  • Resources and references, including trusted business advisors and collaborators
  • Option of 5 minute ‘check in’ calls between sessions

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