philosophy & values

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

—Albert Einstein

What’s the difference between a confident and profitable creative entrepreneur, and a freelancer who perpetually struggles, no matter how hard they try?
(Hint: it’s not talent.)

It’s mindset.

With almost 20+ years of experience, working with creative business owners and freelancers (15 years as business owner myself), I can hand-on-my-heart say, mindset matters. A LOT. When you are in a state of expansion, inspiration and positive expectation, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!

Which is why my Profitable by Design process is based upon, first, helping you achieve and maintain a growth mindset, and second, teaching you the tools and strategies you need to attract your ideal clients, and build a profitable creative business.

If you’re ready to let go of the limiting beliefs and habits that have been holding you back, and to learn the business fundamentals you need to build a dynamic, resilient, and profitable creative business, I’d love to support you.

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Our values

Our values reflect a core belief that everyone is born with unique gifts, purpose, and the potential to create positive impact in the world.

Be in alignment

I believe that when we’re in alignment with our gifts, values, and purpose we’re able to make the positive impact we were put on this earth to make What that looks like in action:

  • The first step in my process is always reflection-based. What are your unique gifts? What does success look like to you? Who do you help and how do they benefit as a result of coming into contact with you? These insights become the foundation of your business
  • I prioritize curiosity, self-awareness, and integration over perfection
  • I am willing to ask difficult questions, respectfully challenge assumptions, or question a belief, while holding the space for a new perspective to emerge

Be in community

I believe that when we’re in community with like-minded people our gifts, power, and efficacy are amplified. What that looks like in action:

  • I seek, and belong, to communities that expose me to new ideas, challenge my assumptions and biases, and support my growth. It is in community that I become the person I want to be
  • I develop, curate, and lead group programs designed to connect the people, ideas, experiences and tools needed to build thriving, purposeful businesses
  • I have a talent for connecting like-minded people and do so whenever I can

Embrace growth

I believe personal development and professional development go hand in hand. When our growth is measured by how aligned we are with our gifts, values, and purpose, we thrive. What that looks like in action:

  • Through daily practices, I cultivate a growth mindset and view challenge as an opportunity for growth
  • I prioritize identifying one’s own measure of success, instead of subscribing only to external metrics e.g. money, business size, or status
  • I’m a voracious reader and podcast listener. From psychology, social science, and spirituality – to business models, processes and systems – I weave what I learn into my life and work. With attribution, I share resources with my clients and community

Act with Integrity

I believe that integrity is the foundation of a purpose-driven business and life. What that looks like in action:

  • I only take on clients I know I can do great work with. If I feel you’d be better supported by someone else, I will let you know (and make an introduction if I’m able)
  • My process is tailored to your unique needs. I meet you where you are, and use whatever tools and resources I have to move you forward from that place
  • I will show up for you fully prepared, resourced and ready to co-create

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