Look where you want to go

By Justine Clay


My sister just came over from England to spend Christmas with her new nephew (and apple of my eye), Teddy.  Among other things, we were chatting about the Porsche she just bought and the free (!) training day that came with it.  The day out involved some supervised hacking around the driving track and learning how to handle the car in all sorts of situations (as opposed to just looking really good in it!)

One piece of advice really resonated with me – if you go into a tail-spin, don’t look at the tree you want to avoid, but rather where you want to go.  The logic being, if you look at the tree, that’s what you’re going to hit.

I thought that was great advice for life in general.  Focus on the negative and that’s what you’ll get more of.  Alternatively, if you set some clear and positive intentions, you’ll move in that direction.

So this new years day, take a little time to think about where you want to go in 2012.

Happy New Year!