How to focus and get RESULTS in your creative business

One of the biggest challenges creative entrepreneurs tell me they experience is not knowing where to focus in their creative business.

Whether you’re a one man/woman show, or you have employees to oversee, there are WAY too many things you could (should?) be doing and not enough time, energy, and focus to do it all.

So, things go one of two ways:

  1. You try and do everything, run yourself ragged in the process, and still don’t see the results you want.
  2. You throw up your hands, opt-out completely, and continue to experience haphazard results.

Neither option sounds that great, does it? But what if I were to tell you there IS a way to figure out what works for your business and just focus on those things. Would you do it?

You bet you would! For 3 ways to find your focus and an opportunity to learn more (on me!), read on…

Know your type

We weren’t all born with the same operating manual. For example, I’m great at keeping multiple tasks toggling in my brain at once and executing on them quickly. Which is great when you run a business, home, and family. The kids are clothed, fed and where they need to be, and so am I.  My husband, on the other hand, has NO desire for handling the small insignificant (to him) details. They don’t even register on his radar. But give him a big hairy problem to figure out and his focus is laser-like. One way isn’t better than another but knowing how you operate is essential to working with and building a business model around your strengths. Ignoring your natural tendencies with the belief that if you just try harder things will be fine, just sets you up to fail.

To do: Get clear about your personality type. You might want to take a test such as Myers-Briggs or Sally Hogshead’s personality test. Seeing your personality and strengths mirrored back to you can really free you up to own who you are and work it!

Find the Yin to your Yang

We often gravitate to people who are just like us because it’s familiar. But often what we really need it to partner with complimentary personality types.  From employees and creative collaborators to clients, seeking projects and relationships where both people bring something unique and valuable to the table is when the co-creative magic happens. Now, the caveat to this is the people you collaborate with should also share your fundamental beliefs and values which will provide you with a certain shorthand and cut down on potential conflict.

To do: Write down the traits of your ideal clients, employees, and collaborators. I have a board on the wall of my office with photos of all my best clients (you know who you are!) with all the traits I associate with them written on the board. If a prospect doesn’t measure up, I don’t take them on.

Identify your weaknesses (aka opportunities for growth)

While you’re wonderful and perfect as you are, we ALL have areas where we could stand to be…ahem, better. Am I right? And as a business coach, I help my clients identify where those opportunities are and give them the tools they need to make them happen. If you’re ready to get the support you need to take big-ass actions in your business, click here to get the ball rolling for a free introductory call me.

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