Go with the flow

image courtesy of leadershipzen.org

By Justine Clay

I was speaking to my sister in London the other day and she had her knickers in a twist because she’d spend all day trying to resolve internet issues, instead of running her ballet school.  I could totally relate – having your own business means dealing with the nagging feeling that you should always be super-productive.   So what do you do on the days when you’re under the weather, are dealing with pesky technical issues or things simply aren’t going your way?

You try and go with the flow.  The path of least resistance really is the only way to go.  Letting go of unreasonable expectations allows you to focus on something you can do.  Feeling too exhausted to make new business calls?  Do your book keeping or other admin that doesn’t require you to sparkle?  Dealing with technical issues?  Go ahead, devote your day to it and feel proud that you resolved those issues.

Tomorrow’s another day!