Financial and marketing planning made simple (and dare I say it, fun!)

By Justine Clay


Trust me, having a good marketing and financial plan in place makes freelance life a lot more fun.   With established systems in place, you’ll be confindent and free to do what you do best – create great work for your clients.

Two of my favorite experts, Galia Gichon and Ilise Benun are teaming up next week to lead a workshop at the freelancers union and I HIGHLY recommend that you go.  I’ve been to Galia’s fantastic money workshops (I hear her voice every time I even think of using my credit card) and Ilise is a marketing whizz who understands the unique challenges that freelancers face.

During this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn how to:

•    Budget for the freelance lifestyle
•    Figure out what you really need to earn and identify key expenses
•    Save for a rainy day—and for retirement
•    Identify what types of clients and projects you need to find and how to pursue them
•    Decipher which marketing tools attract the best and highest-paying clients
•    Fit simple marketing tasks into your day to day life to avoid the Feast or Famine Syndrome

The seminar is on March 8th from 6.30-8.30.  For more details go to: