Feeling Stuck?

By Justine Clay 


It’s not always easy to be motivated when you work for yourself.   Without co-workers to either (a) inspire you or (b) distract one what’s a freelancer to do? 

Here are 5 things I try when I feel stuck:

1) Write a list
Generally, the reason I have a hard time getting motivated is that I don’t know where to start with all the things that I could/should do.   Write a list and tackle a small thing first.  Once you start checking things off your list, you’ll hit your stride.

2) Read a business related article 
Whether it’s the New York Times Small business section http://www.nytimes.com/pages/business/smallbusiness/ or Inc Magazine http://www.inc.com/magazine , just reading about small business affairs and stories put you in the right head space and can inspire action.

3) Make New Business calls
I know, this one’s a controversial (and probably most unwelcome) suggestion, but bear with me!  Make a list of 5 new clients (or old ones you haven’t called in a while) and pick up the phone.  Trust me, once you’ve made those calls you’re going to feel mighty pleased with yourself.

4) Take care of your admin
OK, so the new business calls aren’t happening.  Don’t let that discourage you.  I do my book keeping when all else fails.  It’s an important task that I need to take care of,  it requires no inspiration and it means that I won’t have to do it on one of my more inspired days.

5) Take a break
Take a walk around the block clear your head (and if you happen to drop by Pinkberry for a little attitude adjuster, so be it).  Come back to your desk with intentions.