If you’re thinking about investing in yourself and your business, you’re bound to have questions. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let me answer the most common ones I hear.

My commitment is to show up for my clients 110%. To ensure I have the space, focus and time to dive deep with each of my clients I only take on 2 new clients/month. If we both agree we’re a fit and decide to move ahead, spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Being the curious and ambitious entrepreneur that you are, I’m absolutely certain you’ve done some version of some of the content my program covers. We might “know” something for a long time before it actually clicks and becomes something we take meaningful action on. You could even do the exact same exercise each year and get a different outcome each time. Each step connects with the bigger picture, so I encourage you to come to this proven process with an open mind. The results you get will be all the better for it!

I specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. With a deep background in branding, design, and advertising, I do particularly well with creatives of the communications and problem-solving variety including: art directors, creative directors, design directors, graphic designers, website designers, branding and design agencies, copywriters, content creators, writers, video producers and directors.

While I specialize in working with creative professionals, my Profitable By Design system is relevant to any professional whose mission is to share their unique talent or service with people who have a genuine need for it. That said, your success is my priority so if I don’t feel that I’m the right person to help you achieve your goals, I will be happy to recommend you to someone who might be a better fit. 

My one-on-one programs are designed to help established creative professionals up-level their business or career. My expertise is in helping service based creatives position and market themselves to their ideal clients and build the business to support their vision. I work with creatives who have product-based businesses on a case-by case basis only. If I feel their needs would be best met by someone who has deep experience with production, inventory, distribution, etc., I will refer them to a couple coaches who specialize in product-based business.

I have 15+ years of experience as an agent for top-level creative talent and founded Plum Creative Representation (2006-2014).  I am also a business owner myself and understand the unique challenges independent creative professionals face.  My process combines marketing principles that work, with a deep understanding of the creative process and the needs of high-caliber clients in the advertising and design industries. I have been described as a thought-partner who uses a consulting framework and coaching skill-set to achieve very specific business or career goals.

ADHD coaching is a co-creative process designed to help people with ADHD (or those who suspect they have ADHD) fulfill their personal and professional potential. Like other coaches, I help clients identify goals, navigate and overcome roadblocks, and take consistent action towards building the business and life they seek. Unlike other coaches, I am trained to help people with ADHD and have 20+ years of experience working specifically with creative professionals and entrepreneurs, an ADHD-rich population!

Not at all! As a neurotypical person with 20+ years of experience supporting growth-minded creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, I have a toolbox of frameworks, strategies, and tools that help creatives build profitable creative businesses. Creatives are my people and Creativity is my speciality! Through a series of life events, I became aware of the connection between ADHD, creativity, and entrepreneurship. I saw a huge need among the creative/neurodiverse population for support designed to understand their unique needs and challenges, meet them where they are, and help them move forward from that place. I decided to specialize further and get my ADHD life coaching qualification. My mission is to help ALL creatives build the awareness, confidence, and skill set they need to build a profitable and fulfilling creative business.

My background is in creative management and I have represented top-level freelance creative talent in the advertising and design industry for more than 15 years.  As a result, I have a unique understanding of the challenges you face, as well as what high-caliber clients need to see, hear and experience to say “yes” to a creative proposal.  In 2008, I launched my coaching business (then Pitch Perfect, now Justine Clay.com) in response to a huge need I saw among creative professionals to take charge of their own career and stand out in a sea of talented creatives.  My clients realize it’s not enough to let their work “speak for itself” and their business, happiness and lifestyle depend upon articulating their unique talent and connecting with their ideal clients.

I have a very empathetic, yet results-oriented approach and work best with people who are prepared to set aside their fears and do whatever it takes.  You will be expected to take consistent action and I will be here to support, and cheer you on, every step of the way.

This program has been created specifically for highly motivated professionals who are willing to put aside their fears and do the work that’s needed to build a successful career or business.  This program won’t work for skeptics, complainers or people who challenge every recommendation that I make. I am invested in the success of each and every one of my clients, so it’s important that we are aligned on our vision and what it will take from the outset.

I have created three ways to work with me one-on-one and these packages are best suited to established creative professionals who are ready, willing and able to invest the time, energy and money in completely transforming their business and life.  Click here to review my packages and see which one is the best fit for you.

I'm here to help you manage your time and maximize your productivity, so we meet via Zoom. After each session, I put a copy of the recording, a re-cap written by me, and worksheet in a private shared google folder I set up when we start working together.

Some of the things you can expect to cover:

    • Define what makes you unique
    • Budgeting and goal setting
    • Construct your ideal client profile
    • Learn where you fit in the marketplace
    • Create your business model
    • Craft your marketing message and brand story
    • Create a plan for your website
    • Build your marketing plan
    • Create editorial content and calendar
    • Package and price your services
    • Create systems and standard operating procedures
    • Build your team
    • Negotiate fees and close the sale
    • Build a thriving network
    • Best practices for growing a thriving creative business

Yes. The Profitable By Design system is a step-by-step process that will help you define your unique skill, create a clear marketing message and position yourself authentically, consistently and effectively to your ideal clients.  Each step includes an assignment that has been developed specifically to build upon the previous step.

You can expect to:

  • Gain a clarity and confidence about what you have to offer and position yourself as a specialist within a crowded market place.
  • Become more intentional and strategic in building your business.
  • Gain a crystal clear understanding of your ideal clients’ needs and how you are uniquely positioned to help them.
  • Attract better quality, higher paying clients, while the less-than-ideal clients effortlessly drift away.
  • Create a pitch that naturally and clearly communicates what you do to potential clients and referral partners.
  • Understand which marketing tools are right for you and create a marketing plan that doesn’t feel like “selling” or “work”.
  • Create marketing materials that look and sound dynamic, professional, consistent, and draw your ideal clients to you.
  • Learn how to price and package your services
  • Learn how to close the deal with prospective clients.
  • Work on more creatively fulfilling projects.
  • Learn how to effectively manage multiple projects, your creative work, and run a thriving business.
  • Build a thriving network that supports you in your mission.
  • Create a business that respects your life outside of work.
  • Make more money.

For one-on-one coaching, you should be ready, able, and willing to invest in a minimum of 6 months of coaching. If this level of investment is not available to you right now, but you’re committed to building a thriving creative business, the Creative Business Accelerator group coaching program or One-Day Intensive might be the next perfect step.

I understand but let me re-frame that thought for you. Upleveling your business, clients and pricing involves challenging long-held beliefs and assumptions and shifting your mindset; both of which are difficult without guidance, support and accountability. Investing in one-on-one support that will help you make these transformative and lasting shifts is a big deal and should make you think twice. You’re on the brink of a big leap. That said, I will NEVER advise someone to work with me if it will put them in financial jeopardy to do so.

Yes, I accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Yes. To make it as easy for my clients to invest in themselves as possible, I spread the investment over the full 6 months of the one-on-one coaching program (or monthly for the group coaching program). Fees for one-day intensives  are due in advance of the session.

Absolutely!  If you do the work, I guarantee that you will make positive changes in your business much faster than if you were doing it alone.  All you need is one new client and you will have made back your investment many, many times over.

Congratulations and welcome! In making this decision you have already shifted your
business forward. Once you and I have had an introductory call and agreed to move forward, we will reach out with all the info you need to get on-boarded and onto the calendar. It takes just a few minutes and in no time, you’ll be on your way to making monumental shifts in your business and life!

For the one-on-one coaching program we meet every 2 weeks for 1 hour via Zoom and for the group program we meet for 90-minutes every 2 weeks via Zoom. Two weeks is the sweet spot, giving you enough time to complete your assignments, but not so much time that you lose momentum. Because I know that life gets busy and things come up, I ask that you schedule all of your sessions when we begin our work together. Having a standing appointment to focus on yourself and your business will ensure that you get the very most out of your experience.

Each session is a module, designed to build upon the last.  In order to go deeper into each module, you’ll leave each session with a worksheet that I ask you to complete before we meet again.

In order to get the most out of your coaching experience, it’s important to gain and maintain momentum. In my experience, meeting every 2 weeks for 1 hour supports optimal results while allowing you to go about your work and life. In order to support each of my clients fully, as well as manage my client load, I ask clients to book and complete their initial block of 12 sessions within 6 months. I understand that things come up, so a 1 month grace period is built in (7 months total). Please DO honor this investment in yourself and use your sessions before the expiration date.

Absolutely. As a part of your onboarding process, you will be provided with a calendar link where you can choose time slots that work best for you. I appreciate that you may need to move the occasional session and as long as you give me 24 hours' notice you will not be charged for that session. Please note if your session is on a Monday, you will need to re-schedule that session on Friday as we don’t check email on weekends.

Yes. If you have a question between sessions, I’m here to help. A handy guide is if I can address your question in 15 minutes or less, it’s all good. If it’s something I think will take longer than 15 minutes I will suggest we save it until the next session to be sure we give it the attention it deserves.

Book your free 30-minute introductory call with me and share your business challenges, ask questions and we’ll talk about solutions.

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