Emulate the traits of successful people

By Justine Clay


Have you ever looked at successful people and wondered how they attract abundance, while creating businesses that are completely aligned with their values and unique talents?  I have! 

It’s easy to think that these people have something special.  In fact they do, but it’s not unique to them – it’s there for us all should we choose it.  Successful, happy people are prepared to consistently take risks, put themselves out there (even when it’s really uncomfortable), try new things and be willing to change course when something doesn’t work.  Look a bit closer and you’ll see that there are certain things that these people have in common. What’s more, they are things that are easy enough to implement into our own lives if we decide to.  I made a conscious decision to try some on for size and thoughts I’d share what’s working for me right now:

1) Invest in yourself and your business
Whether it’s a personal trainer, an acupuncturist or a career coach, nothing is more important (or will yield greater results) that investing in yourself. When you are happy, healthy and balanced everything goes much better for you.

2) Work on your mindset
Do you have that voice that tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something before you even get out of the gate?  Join the club!  Highly successful people have figured out how to keep the monster in check and don’t allow it to get in the way of dreaming of a bigger game.  Mindset work is like bathing, you have to do it every day for it be effective, so try making it a part of your daily routine. 

* If you need resources (or have resources) feel free to drop me a line.  I love to talk about this stuff!

3) Get up one hour earlier
I know, I know, it’s hard getting up in the morning, especially when it’s cold and dark, but bear with me.  I will admit that I’m a morning person to start with, but getting up one hour earlier has been a game changer for me.  I have time to do something for me – whether that’s going for a run (more about this in #5), or writing (see #7) – and gives me the space and time to set the tone for my day.

4) Get enough sleep
If you’re going to get up an hour earlier, you need to go to bed an hour earlier.  It may not sound fun or sexy, but neither is being tired and cranky!

5) Work out, eat well and live your best life
I’ve always been an active person, but only recently did I cross the line and enter the realm of early runners.  To be honest, it’s taken me a long time to come around to running, but seeing the sun rise over The Dakota is a pretty darned good way to start a day!

I’ve also taken tips from the gorgeous women I’m lucky enough to know. Laura Silverman is a never -ending resource and inspiration and fashion illustrator, Anja Kroencke inspired me to make a green juice in the morning (which I never thoughts I’d do, much less enjoy)!

6) Take time out
All work and no-play makes you cranky, dull and uninspired.  Make friends-and-family time, sacred time. You’ll come back to your business refreshed and with much needed perspective.

7) Prioritize your creative work
Are you up with the larks or a night owl?  Optimize your creative output by synchronizing your creative work with those time periods.  Prioritize your creative work and fit all the other stuff (admin, answering emails, project management etc.) around it.

There are plenty of other traits I have plans to incorporate (hiring an assistant, learning to meditate…..), but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

I’d LOVE to hear who you admire and if you model yourself on anyone in particular.  What’s worked for you? How has it changed your life for the better?  Please let me know!