Does faith play a role in your business?

By Justine Clay


Yesterday, a client and I were talking about the role faith plays in the life of a freelancer or small business owner.  It’s easy to believe that everything’s going to be just peachy when business is thriving, but what about those times when business is slow, or you feel stuck or blocked? 

Every business has its ups and downs, so it’s helpful to find some tools that help you get past/ride out those periods.  Different things work for different people, but I find that showing active faith – a belief that everything is work out, coupled with meaningful action – makes a huge difference.


Here are a few of examples that have worked for me:

Cash is tight
Hoarding is the worst thing you can do, so give money to someone who has less than you.  Money circulates and when you give money, money comes back to you (so be generous)! 


Business is slow
Take on a pro bono project. You’ll feel great about giving back and work begets work.  I guarantee that as soon as you get stuck into a pro bono gig, the paying ones will soon follow.  If you want to work through a professional organization, I would highly recommend Taproot whose mission is to provide organizations that are tackling social problems with the marketing, design, technology, management or strategic planning resources that they need to succeed.  I worked on a branding project for a women’s community resource center in the South Bronx.  It was totally different from anything I’d ever worked on and a wonderful experience.

You’re obsessing
It’s easy to get a little self-involved when things aren’t tip-top.  Try focusing on something or someone else.  Do you have a friend who’s having a hard time?  Make the time to call and see if there’s anything you can do for her.  Could you do more to contribute to your work or home community?  As soon as you take your focus off of the negative, things have a habit of turning themselves around.


What do you do when things feel uncertain? I’d love to hear your thoughts.