Do you know what keeps your ideal clients up at night?  (hint: the answer will transform your business!)

If you were to take a look at your website or marketing materials right now, how often do you think you’d see the word “I” or “we”? Go ahead, take a look, I’ll wait ☺

If you’re shocked by how many you counted, don’t feel bad. We learn by example, and most creative professionals and studios talk about what they do, their process, with whom they’ve worked, and the awards they’ve won.

But here’s the thing: not one of your clients wakes up at 3 a.m. and thinks, “We need to create a new brand image and voice. I need to hire someone who won such-and-such award to do that”. No! They wake up in a cold-sweat thinking, “We’re losing clients to the competition and if we don’t do something about it, we’ll go out of business. Who can help us get them back?”

The key to attracting and landing the high-quality clients you want is to transform the way you communicate with them. That means, putting yourself in their shoes, finding out what keeps them up at night and dedicating your entire business to solving those problems.

When your message and services speak clearly to the problems your ideal client’s struggle with, how you solve them and the results they will get as a result to working with you, you’ve changed the game entirely. Your ideal client feels understood, confident in your ability get results, and more than willing to pay you handsomely to make their problem disappear.

Imagine what your business would look like of you ONLY worked with clients like these? How would you feel about yourself as a creative and entrepreneur? How would the bottom line of your business change? If you’re ready to make this simple, yet powerful shift in your business, read on. I’m going to share the BEST tool I have in my arsenal with you. You’re going to go straight to the source and interview your ideal clients. Simple? Yes. Effective? It’s a GAME CHANGER!

First you need to know what makes someone an ideal client. An ideal client:

  • Knows they need your help
  • Recognizes that working with you is essential
  • Is easily contactable
  • Will pay your fees without negotiating
  • Will get results from working with you
  • Will refer others
  • Are people you enjoy working with

Next you’re going to choose 3-5 of your best clients to interview. Send an email inviting them out for coffee and a chat. Be sure to let them know it will only take half an hour of their time. If you’re uncomfortable making this request, let me put your mind at ease. Your best clients want you to do well and are happy to spend some time with you to help you improve your business. Push through the discomfort and ask. It’s worth it! Here are some questions you might ask (feel free to add your own)

  • Why did you come to me?
  • Why did you continue to work with me?
  • What was your biggest struggle prior to working with me?
  • What did you get from working with me?
  • What do you aspire to achieve?
  • What do you need most to get those results?
  • Are there any newsletters that you always open and read?
  • How would you describe me to others?

Aim for about 10-20 questions in total and arrange to interview your clients by phone or in person. The reason for this is people tend to edit themselves much more in an email than in person. You’re looking for the challenge or aspiration that keeps cropping up, because that’s a point you’ll want to hammer home in your messaging. Take really good notes to capture as much as possible. Once you’ve interviewed all your clients, review your notes. What common themes did you see? How did your clients describe you? How did they benefit from working with you? Were there any surprises?

Now you have this valuable information, take a good look at your message and services. Are they speaking to your client’s needs? How could you articulate what you have to offer more effectively? What services do your clients need that you don’t currently offer? What services do you offer that you could let go?

Now here’s the cool part. Take your client’s exact language and pop it right in your marketing message! I found my clients articulated what I do much better than I did, and in such a way that it resonates with others like them.

If you’re ready to transform your creative business from surviving to thriving, I’d like to invite you to join me in a FREE training. In this one-hour webinar I will share my 6-step system to positioning yourself as an expert, building relationships with high-quality clients, and getting paid what you’re worth. If you’ve been struggling to build a thriving creative business or career, I’m going to show you exactly how to overcome those challenges! Reserve your spot by clicking here. I can’t wait to see you there!

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