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Who (or what) are you committed to? [pivotal moment alert!]

There’s no sugar coating it – challenging times are confronting and confusing. In the midst of such times (ahem, 2020, I’m looking at you!), one could be forgiven for thinking they’re in a never-ending (and not very fun) game of dodge the curve ball. If you’ve done any of the following this year: cried with frustration, fear, and anger felt judgement, even hatred towards people who think differently from you future-tripped all the way to a doomsday scenario (or three)…

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Leaning into your values during times of crisis

Have you ever noticed how crisis can bring out the best or the worst in us?  Sometimes it galvanizes us into taking decisive action, we don’t over-think we just do. Maybe the outcome isn’t as polished as usual, but it works. We’re true to ourselves, able to show up fully and support others. And sometimes the opposite is true. We feel unsure of ourselves and freeze, act out, or just opt-out.  We don’t know where to start, so we put…

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