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Are you leaving money on the table? 3 ways to close the sale with confidence and ease.

How do you feel about sales? You want them but don’t want to “do” them, am I right? Now, let me ask you this. How does your ambivalence or lack of process around sales impact your business? Right?! Lack of attention or process when it comes to sales leads to unpredictable results. And unpredictable results lead to the dreaded feast or famine cycle. So, today I’m going to share my tried and tested sales and on-boarding process that will help…

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5 ways to increase sales without selling your soul

One of my favorite clients (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I love this guy!) scheduled a ‘get acquainted call’ after reading my Sales Techniques for People Who Hate Selling post for Freelancer’s Union.  He realized that if he was going to create the business he wanted, he needed to refine his message and sales process. But sales made him really uncomfortable. That’s music to my ears.  I love sales!  And do you know what I love more than sales?…

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