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How to find your business game-changer (and pull it off)

I can still remember the exact moment I decided to start a coaching business.  It was 2008 and, like many creative businesses, my talent management agency Plum Creative was hit hard by the recession. Barring a miraculous economic turnaround, my days were numbered.  It was a pretty crappy feeling! Thankfully, I was a part of a wonderful accountability group (which included a book keeper, an IT specialist, and a magazine sales person; no creatives) and it was during one of…

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The reason goal-setting doesn’t work [and how to fix it]

We all know we need to set goals and plan, right? Yet when I ask a group of creatives how many of them set goals, revisit them regularly, and take consistent action towards them not many hands go up. Now there’s no judgement here; I’ve tried all manner of goal setting exercises, and I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon, despite my best intentions.  And then I learned why; goal setting, out of the context of…

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Interview: The Hillary for America design team; a story of purpose, hope, and bouncing back

A couple of months ago I received this AIGA NY email: The Hillary for America Design Team. The full Hillary for America Design Team will reunite for an evening of tales from the campaign trail, and its aftermath. The focus of this story-telling event will be on what it was like to work on the campaign including the best day, the worst day, the process and just a little of the product as well as some of what we can…

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