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Why is Pricing so HARD?

One of the biggest challenges creatives share with me is knowing how much to charge for their services. Can you relate? If you can, you’re not alone. Pricing something as subjective as creativity can feel like a confounding riddle at best and an impossible task at worst. Throw in limiting beliefs, scarcity thinking, and discomfort talking about money, and you’ve got a holy mess on your hands. Is it any wonder pricing remains an issue for so many? So, you…

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3 Steps to Raising Your Rates and Getting Paid What You’re Worth

  Are you: Working all hours and still not making the money you want? Working on small jobs with fast turnarounds and no budget? Confused about what to charge and how to command the fee you want? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most freelancers price too low and, as a result, feel resentful and burned out.  This is typically born of the belief that if we price low, we’ll get more clients. But believe me, being the cheapest option is…

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Are you charging enough?

by Justine Clay   I’ve noticed that creative freelancers and entrepreneurs have a tendency, at least in the beginning, to target other small creative businesses as clients. Their reasons are usually that (a) they relate to them (b) they get excited about the launch of a new business (c) there is more perceived freedom in these projects.  I say ‘perceived’ because the opposite is often true.  While wonderful people, small business owners tend to be emotionally attached to their business…

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