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How to meet the right people and grow your business

Do you know the number one reason most people hate networking? They’re not very good at it. And that’s OK, most people aren’t born networkers. But what the ALL successful people have figured out is how to get in the same room as the people who help them build a better business. Networking, like everything else, is an art-form that needs to be practiced before it becomes fun and gets results. Now, I’m not out networking every night of the…

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A creative conference for 10% of the ticket price? Count me in!

   You may remember that I attended two fabulous creative conferences last year: the HOW Design conference in Boston and the 99U conference in New York (you can read my top five takeaways here).  This year I decided to skip the conferences and invest my marketing dollars elsewhere in the business. As much as I love the networking opportunities, inspiration and boost of energy I get from conferences, attending them all can get expensive!  Once you add travel, hotel and food expenses…

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20 networking tips for people who hate networking

In my last newsletter I shared some tips on how to give (and get) a great referral. Today we’re going to focus on how to build and maintain a thriving network of people you can refer to and be referred by. Now I realize that “networking” is not something most of us get excited about.  But I’ve come to realize that, like everything else, it’s something of an art form and once you ‘get’ the new rules and find your…

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