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Stuck but can’t figure out what to do about it? A process for overcoming ANYTHING!

Have you ever felt frustrated or stuck in your career or business, like the quintessential square peg in a round hole, basically not living your #bestlife? Yeah, me too! Regardless of how good someone’s life looks from the outside, everyone has doubts, fears, and feels truly stuck from time to time. It’s just a part of the human condition. But here’s the part we forget in the moment (even if we know it intellectually) is it’s not our lack of…

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How to master your emotional game

In a world that idolizes entrepreneurship you can be forgiven for thinking there’s something wrong if you’re not feeling inspired and in full-on hustle mode 24/7.  The truth is, being a business owner or independent creative is hard and full of ups and downs: without daily interaction it’s easy to feel isolated you’re often working in a vacuum, unsure if this idea you’re pouring your heart and soul into is even any good you’re out there on the leading edge…

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