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Your 2024 success plan: 1 thing to stop 🛑, 2 clarifying exercises 🔦, 3 myths debunked 💨

One of the things I hear most from creative freelancers and entrepreneurs is they feel like they’re winging it in their business. Can you relate? I know I can 🙌. And winging it isn’t always a bad thing. There have been plenty of times in my life when winging it looked a lot like seizing an out-of-the-blue, life-changing opportunity and figuring it out as I went. Take the time when I moved from London to NYC, sight unseen, with a…

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Where goals fall short: a guide to wholehearted planning

Do you have something you absolutely love and hate about yourself? I can think of a few things, but the one that creates a lot of dissonance for me is my tendency and ability to plan. It’s a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, I can be relied upon to be as prepared as possible in any given situation. From packing for a family vacation, to coaching a client, or giving a keynote talk, you can bet your…

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Feeling all over the place in your creative business? How to focus on what matters.

By February 80% of New Year’s resolutions have already failed (according to Business Insider). While this might seem like a total downer and have you questioning why you should bother setting goals in the first place, bear with me. Because I believe that goals are a GREAT thing. They put words and intention to our deepest hopes and dreams, they call us forth to become something we’re not but want to be, and they inspire actions we would never normally…

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