Calling all copywriters. It’s time to up the portfolio ante

By Justine Clay


When I first got into artist representation 15 years ago, the only way freelancers could showcase their work was with a portfolio (isn’t it crazy that there was ever a time that we didn’t have websites and speedy email)?   And how they ran the gamut – from the big shot art directors with their gorgeous leather embossed books and glossy print outs to more haphazard (and dare I say it, cheaper looking) books.  But one thing that was alarmingly common was the lack-lustre presentation of the copywriter’s work.

To be fair, copywriters face challenges those in the visual arts don’t.  Copy doesn’t always end up on a glossy ad that lends itself to being showcased – but there had to be a better way to share their work in a visually appealing way.

Well I’m happy to say that with the rapid growth of user-friendly websites and on-line tools, everyone has the ability to create a polished arrangement of their work.  Of course you can create your own website (and I’m happy to say that all of my copywriters have lovely ones).  Another great on-line tool is Issuu, a website that allows you to easily create gorgeous looking on-line books out of your articles and work.  Just check out this one for copywriter Mark Welsh…..not bad huh?  You can easily tailor presentations to your target customer and if you use Behance ProSite, you can also embed the presentations on your website.

So no more excuses copywriters – it’s time to showcase your work as beautifully as those big-shot art directors.