By Justine Clay


How was your weekend?  Mine was fantastic.  How so? Well, I did something that I think will be a great asset to my business and also faced down something that, frankly, scared the knickers off me.  You’ve probably guessed from the title that I shot some video.

I’m pretty sure that most people relate to a person more than they do a list, so I decided that rather than list my services on my website I’d make it personal and tell my visitors what I do. Now while I knew this was a great idea, I was really intimidated by prospect. The reason for my fear was simple – it was an unknown quantity and I was outside of my comfort zone.  What allowed me to get past that was my experience and knowledge that, no matter what new challenges I face, I always rise to it everything turns out great in the end.  So I took a deep breath, pulled my shoulders back and bit the bullet – and you know what, it was really fun.  I can’t wait to see how it turned out and share it with you (all will be revealed on my homepage in the near future).

So next time fear of the unknown threatens to stop you from taking a chance and improving your career/life/whatever – quiet down the inner not-so-helpful-voice, dig deep and just do it.  I promise you’ll never regret it.